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2016 05 15 - Franga without borders

Met up with Job and Taz down in Frankston for an early morning session.  The forecast was fantastic - and Frankston delivered in every way.
The tuning that I did on my lines proved to be perfect, I now have the kite in a much more comfortable zone and I can unhook without devastation.

It was 20 knots pretty consistently apart from a brief lull in the middle of the session, which prompted Job and I to go on a mission out further from shore to make sure we had enough wind.

Worked on a stack of stuff on the twin tip - frontloops, frontloop transitions on both sides, toeside backrolls, backroll to toeside, toeside to heelside, double backrolls (Right), backroll kiteloops, darkslides, riding blind and unhooked raleys.  Lots of opportunities in a 2 hours session early in the morning !

Took a major beating on a backroll kiteloop on the right side - gotta work on making that less of an adventure.  I've got the motion right for riding blind now - just got to work on maintaining it for l…

2016 05 12 - Morning roarer

Early morning session at Hampton with James.  Sweet.