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2016 08 20 - Seaford - mystical wind temple

Somehow we've had a lot of luck at Seaford.  Beautiful beach, great water, and it turned it on again today with fantastic wind.  Pretty sketchy at first, but picked up nicely and was blowing about 22 by the end.  managed a double back rotation on the goofy side today, got to work on height now.

2013 08 11 - Walk of shame

Mt Eliza - Not quite enough wind - direction was great, but only about 16 knots, so it was quite a battle to stay upwind.

2016 08 10 - No beach, perfect start

I was down at Mt Eliza on a course, so took the kite along and was rewarded with a good 20 knot breeze.  Very limited beach, so launch was a little dodgy on a grassed area.  The beach is massively eroded - there are new beach boxes which have water lapping at them already - crazy stuff.  Wind was nice and consistent, I played pretty conservative as I was out solo.  Got some good air and did a few rotational jumps - just great to be out first thing before charging through the day.