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2018 09 29 - Hampton early bird

On the water at 6am and kiting till 7.  Glorious watching the sun come up.

2019 09 09 - Rosebud part 2

No sooner had we landed and it came in again pretty hard.  So another sequence of awesome flat water, nice wind and sunshine in a beautiful part of the world.  Yeehaa !

2018 09 09 - Rosebud at the crack of dawn

Honking wind early at Rosebud, got some nice doubles and some nice height.  Caught up with Job, Luca, Rich and Mike - who all had a great time, Luca landed his first couple of backrolls.  I think we are going to see amazing progression from him - he's all over it.
Amazing flat water and a very low tide made for interesting riding.  Stuff up my balance once and hit the water hard with my head - dang it hurt.

2018 09 01 - Fronty Aspy

Nice 18-22 knots down at Aspendale for Taz and I.  My arm is starting to come good at last, just lots more stretching to do.  Landed some nice doubles and loops.  Bloody fantastic as ever to be on the water.