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2019 02 23 - But wait...again

And again packing up and wind picked up a little.  Back out for another mini session.

2019 02 23 - But wait...

As we were packing up the wind changed direction and picked up a little.  Tarren and I went out and suddenly had enough wind to play with.

2019 02 23 - Pines funnel

Anthony, Tarren, Mike and I met up at Pines following an amazing forecast.  On arrival there was not much there, you could see whitecaps in the distance but it wasn't getting to shore.  Eventually a puff more came in, and after much work, Mike and I were able to go slightly up wind.  Most of the wind was centred in one funnel, enabling me to go out to the reef.  Lots of rocky outcrops to avoid.  Its a very strange wind effect at Pines - probably better to go to Point Leo in future.

2019 02 18 - Port looping magic

Got the heli loops really happening now.  Glorious session at Port with James, quick run across to South Melbourne and wave o clock with the small kite. Just loving rotations and loops right now.  Very close to having the double back on my weaker side nailed.  so much fun it kinda should be illegal.

2018 02 04 - Hampton back on the X

Great to be back on my normal board with the new/old bindings.  Joyful.  Lots of loops and transitions and rotations.