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2019 03 24 - Ripping Northerly at Brighton

Met up with Job and Luca - and later joined by Mike - down at Brighton.  Heavy northerly, with looming frontal clouds in the distance, and some folks with no clue launching on the windless side of the beach.  Once out with the small kite it was hard going - very strong wind with some heavy gusts.  Took a little getting used to but still heaps of fun.

2019 03 17 - San Remo

Forecast looked great, but it just didn't quite make it.  Beautiful beach with views to the island, but it really needed more of a southerly to work.  Very swirly wind made my kite do all sorts of weird things.  Fish and chips and beers on the foreshore was the highlight, plus great to catchup with james on the commute.

2019 03 15 - St Kilda perfection

Cracking 18-20 knots at St Kilda, solid as a rock, so I tried every rotational trick in the basket.  I'm starting to get my head around triples.  Forward 360 transition with hand in water is sorted, as are doubles on my weaker side.  Had a lot of stacks but a super fun session.

2019 03 11 - Missed it by that much

St kilda just got out in the middle, then the wind died.  Rubbish.

2019 03 10 - Perfect timing

After an excellent snorkelling adventure with Darren and the kids, the wind came in hard.  Setup the small kite and had a blast - big air, nice waves, the whole deal.  Went down to the south where there is a fantastic flat water section leading in to some great waves, beautiful setup in a westerly.  Was a bit heavy at times, so after it started raining I headed in so that I could still land the kite.  Great opportune session.

2019 02 28 - Round two - big kite time

and a triple back on the non preferred.  And a crash

2019 02 28 - Big no small

probably should have been big