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2019 04 27 - Aspendale Westerly with Rich

after a movie viewing session last night, the wind popped up so I jetted down to Aspendale, met up with Rich and hit the water.  Inverted my kite and it flew inverted which was a bit scary.  Half landed 4 rotations on my weaker side, but the kite lines were so twisted it powered up and did scary stuff again.  Got smashed and dragged for a bit, and had to search for my board for a while.  Fun session.

2019 04 21 - Easter bunny at Rye

Fantastic turnout at Rye for some great times.
It kicked up for 2 fantastic sessions.  Landed a couple of triples, frontroll transitions with loops, backroll to toeside on my weaker side - it was all going on.
We had Job, Luca, Rich, Rich's son, Tony, Stu, Anthony, James, Athol, quite the turnout.  I think we nailed some amazing footage too.

Athol was onhand for spectactular photos as ever.

2019 03 31 - Kiting weekend Sandy point 5

Last session and heaps of fun with James' camera, Taz chose the land board and learnt that water is softer than land.  Practiced the jesus walk which was heaps of fun - you have to crank the speed to keep it going. 
Cream on top of the cream on top.

2019 03 31 - Kiting weekend sandy point 4

Switched over to the twin tip for the second half of the session - I still find the twin tip is heaps better in waves for riding and getting around the chop.  Had a ball.

2019 03 31 - Kiting weekend sandy point 3

Sunday morning, hit the water with Stu's mutant.  A real struggle at first as I thought you could only ride toeside and getting out through the big surf was a nightmare.  I finally worked out how to ride heelside both ways - which unlocked big waves on a surfboard.  Heaps of fun tracking to get out the back, ride the monsters all the way in, then do it all again.  Nice board !

2019 03 30 - Kiting weekend sandy point 2

After the standard sausage in bread, backed it all up with another session in the surf.  Classic.

2019 03 30 - Kiting weekend Sandy point

An inauspicious start with tonnes of rain, but upon arrival at Sandy point the heavens cleared and a truckload of wind greeted us.  The forecast was for around 40 knots and the sky showed that it was going to deliver.  Great to be on the water, lots of big air and holding down the kite when the bigger gusts came.  At one stage I did a big run down the beach to escape some ominous storm clouds.  As ever at Sandy point, the water between the waves is heavenly flat and the waves are primo for surfing.  What a spot !