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2019 06 30 - Seaford chop

Good north westerly blew up so a quick pre soccer kiting run.  Joined by Aiden, not quite the wave experience of Noosa but hey - ya take what ya get in winter.

2019 06 23 - Noosa round 2

Not quite enough wind but fun to be on the beach with Tina.

2019 06 22 - Noosa waves

Great session in the waves at Golden beach in Noosa.  Forgot my glasses, but otherwise an absolute joy to be in the warm water hooking into waves.

2019 06 10 - Rosebud in clearing skies and howling wind

Went out on the 10 and had an absolute blast.  Gopro in hand, with James, Job and Luca.  Got some amazing footage on the water, during jumps and got some tips on using stabilisation on video editing.  What a difference.  Beautiful session.