2021 09 19 - Still cold and broken harness and ball slap

 Cranking wind of around 35 knots down at Aspendale with Dobbo, James and Stu - and Taz off in the distance.  Got some huge air early, then things settled down and I was able to ride some waves, jump and muck around.  Had a couple of bad stacks - and one horrible ball slap where I came in too flat.  Really feeling the cold at the moment, went to bed at 8pm.  Luck shq is kinda open so was able to replace my spreader bar (looks like the screw came loose somehow) and get a new pump.

2021 09 12 - Ramping up in the cold morning

 Felt pretty cold this morning and was a bit cautious for some reason.  Still lots of big jumps, loops, some rotations but nothing crazy.  What a weekend !

2021 09 05 - Watkins nugget session

 yep, what it said on the pack

2021 09 11 - Watkins cold showers

 Hit it with James, Stu, dobbo, taz  and even Pete made an appearance.  Went too small with the kite but the nugget compensated nicely.

2021 09 04 - Hampton - no booties and cold booty

 I may have went a little early with ditching the booties but it was a rock solid wind so I managed to get out the big kite and have a load of fun.

2021 09 02 - Strong wind at Brighton with Ant

 Quick session over lunch.  With a forecast of high 20s, put up the little kite in the northerly wind.  Wind picked up quite a bit - gusting to over 40.  Got some fantastic secondary lift - but then started to get pulled off the water for no good reason.  Ant was blown down wind and had to pull the safety to land.  Dobbo hit the beach but didn't come out, it got a bit too crazy.  Great to get out in the water - and bye bye booties - yay !

2021 08 15 - Seaford with Taz, James and Stu

 Cracking morning with a cracking north westerly wind.  Headed to Aspendale first, no go - but Seaford was game on.  Beautiful little waves, sunshine and a solid 20-25 knot breeze meant lots of air time and massive smiles.  A swimmer came through - well flagged by James - and Taz even introduced us to a decent sized turtle floating around on top of the water.  Great to get out !