2021 02 07 - Port Melbourne with Mike and random photographers

 Followed up a sup in the morning with a kite at Port with Mike.  A few random photographers taking images - allowing us to ham it up.

2021 02 02 - Hampton and nugget to the rescue

 Met up with James and Pete, went out on the twin tip for half, then pulled out the nugget for the light wind action.  Awesome as a backup.

2021 01 30 - Aspendale in the poo

After the big rain, we (Taz, James and I) hit Aspendale hoping to find cleaner waters.  Alas it wasn't quite the case.  Wind was nice, but bay was extremely choppy out the back, waves coming from all directions.  Worked a lot on rotational jumps and started to get them dialled in.  Did one sequence of 720 back, 360 forward transition with kiteloop, backroll to toeside, toeside backroll kiteloop to toeside and it just kept going, totally nuts.  Had a lot of fun taking the shallow channel run to get back upwind with Taz - screaming along about 1m from the sand.  Did finish with one heck of a sore stomach though - I don't think it was related to the water.

2021 01 26 - Hampton with Stu, Pete, Taz, Ant

 Overcast day and a consistent wind forecast, so we headed to Hampton.  Rock solid wind so worked on rotational jumps, landing some, not landing others.  Great to be out on the water as ever and see some familiar faces. yeah.

2021 01 22 - Hampton and one hell of a kicker

 Great strong wind, took out the 10 and had a ball.  Had to deal with the aggresive dude on the surfboard (Jeff Steel ?) which is always a pain.  Took on Laird Hamiltons advice to go first which helped.  Went to hit a ramp just behind the reef, the wave reared up and I got thrown into a double loop pretty hard.  Was quite a shock but turned out fine.

2021 01 20 - Mentone the trickster

 Don't know why we went to Mentone but it was up to its usual tricks.  Taz, James, Stu, Rich all turned up to be courted by lady wind but no-one really won out.