2023 07 30 - Cracking session at Seaford

The old crew - James, Taz, Pete and I - all met up at Seaford car park for the Sunday morning session.  Very familiar setup and ominous white caps.  We still decided to go big kites which made for a bunch of fun.  I was a little off with my timing for some of the jumps but was so much fun to be on the water.  Not long now till Lombok action. 

2023 07 09 - Hampton as the storm died down

 Crazy windy on Saturday, so picked the declining wind on Sunday morning.  Water was a little murky and had to dodge pieces of wood and wildlife.  Was a bit light for the first 10 mins, but really came in hard later on to get some nice air.  Got scared when a little diving birdy popped up right in front of me.

2023 06 24 - Rosebud in perfect conditions

 Almost flat line 25 knots at Rosebud, glorious cool clear water, with Tarren and James.  Perfect. Got a sore back which impeded me somewhat, particularly when I landed hard trying a triple.

2023 06 18 - Seaford with James

 Pretty light on for the first 30 mins, then it came in for lots of fun in beautiful water at Seaford.

2023 06 10 - Seaford on the nugget

Really dialing in the backroll kiteloop transition on the nugget in both directions.  Fun trick.

2023 05 27 - Mount Martha and the missing harness

 Poor James got to Mt Martha but had forgotten his harness! Had a fun session on the nugget, got pretty powered, tried all the variations of gybing and got heaps better.  My favourite is the backroll kiteloop to toeside gybe, cause it is easy and gives you a tonne of power coming out.

2023 05 21 - All the weathers at Hampton

 14 to 35 knots, south westerly to north westerly, rain and sunshine - all the weathers in one session.  Not gusty, just frontal.  Still was mighty fine to be on the water with Taz again, getting big air every now and again.