Thursday, December 1, 2016

2016 11 28 - Topping it off at Port Sorrell

With the day before becoming a rest day due to lack of forecasted wind, we were all super keen to get out on the water prior to our flight.  We delayed getting to the beach at Port Sorrell and arrived just as the wind hit.

The place is an amazing setup.  Yet another river delta, with a ton of flat water and a nearby national park beach just ripe for exploring.  Soon after setting up we all headed up wind as quickly as possible, to take advantage of the amazing flat water, and to escape the river delta for an upwind/downwind experience.

I tore up the beach and headed out through the heads, cutting across some protruding coral reef.  The pristine beach to the east opened up, I took a couple of runs downwind to bathe in the spectacular clear Tassie water.  I'd adopted short legs by now and no booties - not cold but you could certainly feel the difference when you were in shallow or deeper water.  Once closer to the beach I realised that the wind had swung more westerly, making it a bit of a struggle to get back to the inlet.  With our flight not too far away I started to worry about Stu and Pete who had gone so far into the distance that I could no longer see them.

Luckily the wind picked up strength, letting me back into the inlet and allowing Stu and Pete to make the flight.  A few wonderful runs in the flat water and some nice jumps concluded a very picturesque session - all of us stoked to have topped off an amazing weekend.

2016 11 26 - Flatwater speed runs near Stanley

Some days are just perfect.

After a wicked session at Marrawah, Peter took us to Stanley and to an amazing flatwater section just to the south east.  With the tide out it was reduced to a widish river with ridiculous flat water and a ton of wind.  Small kites were the order of the day, we had to setup and walk for about 500m to get to the water.  Taz, James and I joined up with the two already active windsurfers to do speed runs, jumps, and exploring the delta.  Magnificent flat water session - don't think I've ever had flatwater that flat for that long anywhere.

Once the tide came in a little we were able to explore further up the tidal river, which made for heaps of laughs.  What a session !

2016 11 26 - Marrawah take 2

After such an amazing first day, what better way to back it up than to do it all over again.

We grabbed breakfast material from the local shop, and cooked up some bacon and eggs for breakfast at the sensational beach setup.  A little rotondah right on the beach with 2 bbqs and a toilet block - amazing facilities.  The wind was a bit lighter so we managed to break out the big kites.  Same pattern as yesterday, heaps of amazing waves to ride, good wind and a ton of fun.

On the downside - I mucked up the camera position again so not many good shots of me, but heaps of the rest of the crew.  James dropped his kite in front of a wave where it got promptly smashed to bits, and Tarren blew out a strut for no apparent reason.

Bam goes Taz's kite

2016 11 25 - Tassie - game on

The kiting weekend was finally here after counting the days for several weeks.  The prospect of Tasmania had been the shining light in what had been a pretty tough run at work and home.

It dawned on me on the plane as we flew into Tassie just how amazing this had the potential to be.  A rugged coastline with seemingly beautiful beaches as far as the eye could see - we all got off the plane as excited as little schoolchildren.  We piled into our rented van - Peter, Tarren, Stuart, James and I - and beat a path to Marrawah - where a good surf and strong wind was forecast.

It was about a 2.5 hour drive, but upon arrival we were delighted to find a magic beach with good waves, and strong wind.  Pete had got in touch with the Tassie kiting crew - lead by a guy called Peter - who met us at the beach.  We'd scoped out that we needed to walk a little way down the beach to get the SW wind that was blowing - and we headed his advice (thankfully) of putting up the small kites.

As soon as we got kites up we realised it was honking.  The local boys tried to stay close to the coast to ride a better break, but we went more downwind to take advantage of way cleaner wind - and bigger, more chaotic surf.  It was a magical couple of hours - surfing predominantly big waves in high powered wind - sometimes being overpowered in one of the windiest spots in Tassie.  Magical to have all the time in the world and also to have a swathe of capable kiters to share the waves with - at times we were 3 to a wave which was a real hoot.

Unfortunately the kite camera shifted so the shots were all over the place - but oh my god - what an amazing session.  We topped it off with great accomodation at Arthur river and an amazing meal at the pub.  Great start !

Sunday, November 20, 2016

2016 11 19 - Cruising at Beaumaris

Just enough wind for the new Switchblade at Beaumaris.  Met up with Grant, Stu and Pete for a sweet session on a beautiful day.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

2016 11 13 - Brighton with Job

Great early morning session at Brighton.  Wind was north westerly, which made for some great flat water.  New kite is super powered - it gusted up to a bit over 25 and was at times hard to hold down.  Had to go for quick release on landing as the lines are so hard to hold with the waxy coating.

Monday, November 7, 2016

2016 11 05 Surfs Hampton ?

Arrived at Hampton with a steaming 28 knots coming through after a windy night - and there was a surfer out.  Nice little swell and solid wind made me put up the little kite - which was great fun, some nice big airs and lots of waves to ride made it quite an adventure.  Stu and Anthony arrived, after which we did a tour down to Green point - the waves down there seemed even bigger which was fun.  It was nothing compared to the monsters we were out in at Ocean Grove - nice to have a semblence of control back.  Great session after which I was completely knackered.