2019 11 09 - Aspendale with the elevator

Met up with Stu, James, Mike and Dobbo at Aspendale at lunchtime.
About 20 knots, but given the wild weather of the last couple of days I put the small kite up.  Almost straight away I had a secondary lift on a jump, then looped it to land beautifully smooth on the water - a perfect jump.  Great session in the waves, lots of power, heaps of fun.

2019 10 26 - Aspendale in honking wind - danger will robinson

met up with Stu S at 9am at Aspendale.  The forecast was for wild winds with gusts up to 50 knots.  We guessed they would accompany the storm fronts. We were half right.

One blew through just before I got there, but there was still plenty of wind.  I decided on Gnotuk St carpark to give us a bit more flexibility and backup in case we mucked up a launch - there are heaps of obstacles at Roycroft.  Got out and everything was smooth, strong wind with good jumps and a fun surf.  Did some rotational jumps and thought I'd try out one on my non preferred.  Felt all sorts of our of position and hit the loop early.  My lines went slack, enough for me to wrap one of the lines around the bar.  Of course the kite powered right up, looped and sent me flying.  Quick chance to try and free, then loop again, airborne.  I wasn't particularly panicked, I knew I just had to unloop the line.  Eventually found it, but by this time my kite has looped so much that when I got it in the air, it just …

2019 10 19 - Aspendale in strong wind

Met up with Pete, James and Stu for another ripping session at Aspendale.  Lots of wind on hand, almost too much at times, I had to depower the 10 to keep it under control.  Nice air but waves not as great as last time.
Rode with the new Harness (Mystic drip) - I'm not really sure about it at this stage - its a great fit (small) but it sits a bit higher than the majestic so I'm tossing up whether to go back to the majestic.

2019 10 06 - Aspendale - just perfect

The wind suddenly cranked up, 25 knots and the sea kicked up some perfect waves.  Massive airs, riding big head high waves, it was a stunning session.  Had an absolute ball and followed it up with the first swim of the year in the pool.

2019 10 06 - Aspendale with the crew - patchy

Up and down...but just enough to hold a line.  Out on the 7 just in case as it was one of those days that could easily go ballistic.

20190929 - Ripping session at Angelsea

About 20-25 knots, onshore, big waves, crystal clear water - fantastic session.  Left the kids on the beach amongst the media throng and I think its the first time they've actually seen me on the water when its good wind.  Got some big air, did some basic rotations and tried to surf the massive close out waves.  Hell of a lot of fun.