2017 04 29 - Aspendale comes through

I woke up to a bit of wind...and it seemed like I could get a westerly session in so I headed straight for Aspendale.  It was perfect.  About 17-20 knots on the water, enough to let me do some doubles, try unhooked stuff, darkslide, backroll kiteloops and anything else I could think of.  Most of them ended in stacks, some of them came off.  Backroll kiteloops are now under control, even on the weaker side.  I've found I have to delay pulling the trigger on the kiteloop, seems to work better.  Also hit some loops while landing jumps, pretty hard landing sometimes though.  My heel was a bit sore at the end - don't know whether its just the cold or the landings with loops.  Definitely time to reel out the bigger wetsuit, was a bit chilly.

Taz kited down from his house to around gnotuk (and back) and Job joined me on the beach just as I was finishing off.

2017 04 25 - Hampton at last

What a long lay off.  No wind at all - this is normally a low wind time of year but this has been extraordinary.  We had to call off the kiting weekend as there was absolutely nothing happening.

This one was certainly a surprise session.  No forecast, but I woke at 8 to fairly high wind and a break in the rain.  We hightailed it down to Hampton, met Tarren on the beach but Pete, James, Stu and Anthony were not far behind.  Had a great time trying all the standard fare, and pulled off a darkslide and raley.  Taz was landing some ridiculous unhooked tricks, he's really stepped it up.  Big session - out for 1 hour 45 and packed up just before the rain hit.  Awesome.

2017 08 04 - Brighton as normal

After a dissapointing no show at Seaford - Pete, Stu and I went but the wind didn't - great to get an afternoon in at Brighton.  Pretty solid for the most part, but dropped off at times and also came through hard at times - pretty much normal.  Great to be on the water - certainly helps clear the mind.

2017 04 01 - raley time

Lots of raleys - going well on strong side, got way too high on my non preferred to land.
Also did some backroll kiteloops, fun quick session.

2017 03 05 - wow

awesome afternoon at Hampton after the family christmas at the Allans.  Beefy 20 knot plus wind, so some good air.  Sorted out kiteloops on landing, piece of cake, just don't put the kite too far back in the window.  Did a lot of doubles - both forward and backward.  Landed a toeside backroll with kiteloop - absolute piece of cake.  Tried a deadman and got dunked.  Fantastic wind.

2017 02 25 - Mentone is not often good...

...but when it is, it can be spectacular.  Met up with James, Dobbo and Mike at Mentone.  The wind was cranking, probably around 25, so perfect wind for some wave riding and big air.  Stu sailed in from Beaumaris headland to say hi also.   Had a fantastic time, did get smacked big time though going for a double backroll, entered a loop as I was completing the final rotation, fully powered flying backwards into not much water.  Worked out ok but could have been super nasty.

2017 02 19 - Seaford - magic

One of my favourite locations on the bay is Seaford.  It's the whole deal - the water is great, beautiful sand, generally windy as hell if we go to Seaford, plus there are always sausages ready after the session in the supermarket carpark.  And once again, it ticked all the boxes.  Met up with Tarren and we both had a ball.

Tarren took a knock to the head in a spectacular crash where I saw him flying through the air with arms and legs going everywhere.

I went for 2 big kiteloops on coming down to power out of landings which didn't work real well - I was tracking my kite way too far back which lead to really hard landings.  Got to work on that.