2019 09 07 - Threading the needle with James

Forecasting skills came in handy today, picking the slot between rain fronts for an hour long kite with James at Hampton.   Perfect wind so I had a crack at heaps of rotational jumps.  Heaps of progress on my weaker side, nailing double backrolls, forward rolls and a backroll to toeside.  Session ended perfectly, packing up and getting in the car just as the next front dumped rain on us.  Yeehaa.

2019 09 01 - Nugget time

Took Job's new nugget out for a spin, had a great time gybing jumping and carving.

2019 09 01 - Happy Fathers kite

Went down to Rye to meet up with Job and Luca.  Had a blast on the big kite in about 18 knots.  Gotta sort out this unhooked raley.

2019 08 24 - Kiting visitors

Gave Daphne a go on the trainer kite - which is very hard on the arms, particularly in 30 knots.  We then put up the 7m so that she could get a feel for it without actually being tethered.  Julie and Keith dropped by, it was fantastic to see them before they head off on yet another European adventure.
Got out on the 7m again, by this time it had calmed down a bit - heaps of fun putting on the regulars.  Tried riding blind without heaps of success, but got a nice deep darkslide in.  What a joy.

2019 08 24 - Ripping wind at Rosebud

We were heading down for a family weekend down at Rye, and a honking early forecast saw me get up early to grab a ride with James to allow him to get back home by 11.   We arrived at Rosebud to 32 knots, and strong as hell, but very consistent.  Definitely small kite time and I was having second thoughts about inviting Daphne down for a go on the kite - it seemed like the kind of weather where she might just fly away. On the water it was very strong, I started doing my regular tricks and soon realised that conservative was the way to go.  Big big airs on magical water.  Nice little surf and very shallow as ever.  Job, Luca and Rich all arrived but took a little while deciding on the most appropriate kite given the ballistic conditions.  Got an awesome 1.5 hours on the water until Daph arrive and it was time to fly the trainer.

2019 08 18 - Second bite is sweet

Stu, Anthony joined Rich, Job, Luca and I on the beach and not long after the wind cranked up beautifully.  Tried lots of triples and got really close to landing one.  Landed a deadman.  It sure took a lot of courage to let go of the bar, it's such a weird feeling.

2019 08 18 - 2 bites of the cherry - bite 1 is sour

Arrived to honking wind at Rye, advised Job and Luca to put up small kites, put up the 7 and the wind was rubbish.