2020 07 18 Seaford breaking the drought

Ripping northerly during covid with Stu and James.  Had to take back roads but well worthwhile.  Great little waves and some nice air.

2020 06 13 - Rye photo time

An ominous sky, 2 amazing photographers and a couple of preening kiters.  Awesome fun session, I was cracking up for most of it trying to get a double shot nailed with Taz.

2020 05 30 - Rosebud oh yeah

Cracking wind forecast so I grabbed James at 630 and we headed to Rosebud.  Met there by Taz, Rich, Dobbo, Stu, Anthony.  Amazing session, pretty much lit at 25-30 knots that whole time.  Lots of early jumps on my weaker side (backrolls, forward rotations, backroll kiteloops) - feeling really comfortable either way now.  Then went out the back for some great surf, did heaps of runs from the pier all the way down to other markers at West Rye.  Got fantastic secondary lift on one jump, highlight !  Called in on Julie and Keith on the way home for an amazing day.  Fell asleep at 830.

2020 05 24 - South Melbourne wave classic

Back to the old crew with Tarren and James hitting up Port Melbourne, with James and I immediately heading for Sth Melb to hit up the small waves.  Heaps of fun as ever.  On return we met a photographer who was enticing Taz to put himself back in hospital.

2020 04 26 - Aspendale in perfect conditions

Dobbo, James, Stu and I hit Aspendale just after the front came through for a magic session of consistent wind and great bay surf.  Cracking session.

2020 04 18 - Seaford pretty frontal and kites up trees

Early morning session with James, Dobbo, Stu, Job and Luca.  Very consistent breeze at first with some nice waves.  Blew up quite a bit later on, enough so that James' depower strap broke and his kite flew off.  Luckily it got snagged around a post and wrapped around a tree.  Amazingly enough no holes and no real damage to the kite.  Stu and I tried to go backout afterwards but it was nuts, blowing really hard and inconsistent.