2019 01 13 - Dream run at Point Leo

300 out of 10.  Beautiful setting, clear, clean water and some little waves greeted James, Stu and I on Point Leo beach.  It made quite a contrast to the stink of my wetsuit, still slightly wet from the last session at Port.
The wind was charging in so we all went small kites and launched from the point.  It was incredible that people were still hanging out at the beach, it would have been pretty unpleasant.  On the water, it was ramp city and air o clock.  After a couple of runs we followed the wind down the beach to surf some of the small breaks.  Glorious, just glorious.  Stu had to pull in and depower, then had to pull in again after hitting an exposed rock and killing one of his fins.
The Pines was the highlight for me, such a great little break with lots of fun waves.  Got some great footage on the gopro with James just behind me, can't wait to edit it and make a mini movie.

2019 01 08 - South Melbourne wave session - oh yeah

James, Taz and I hit up Port and James and I were quickly down to South Melb for a glorious session in the waves.  I've got the heliloop going and the amazing ramps were all setup for some high flying joy.  What a cracker !

2019 01 07 - Port Melbourne Gangsters

Another great session with James, Taz and Athol, with Aidan joining us a little later.  Athol had a quick session then grabbed the camera, which lead to mayhem as we all jockeyed for position.  Great fun and amazing shots as ever.

2019 01 05 - Grinding it out at Port

Marginal wind, but inspired by the ultra kiteloop videos ( I had to get out and give things a shot.  Athol came down and took some shots, which is always great inspiration to try and kill myself on the shallow sandbar.  Did a double back with kiteloop, dunno what I was thinking but came down flat onto a few cms of water.  Athol got some amazing shots as usual.  Wind picked up later in the session for some fun transition jumps, and managed to get quite a few heliloops in which are easy to do and give no yank factor whatsoever.

2019 01 01 - Roundwinder

Big crew - James, Stu, Mike, Pete, Job, Luca - met up at Ricketts to attempt the mystical round winder - up wind to Mordy pier then back home.
Fantastic session, crossing the bay was fun across the big rollers, but the waves and beautiful water around Mordy pier to Aspendale was the highlight.  Landed a double on my weaker side that I was wrapped about.  Rode a million waves, so much fun.
Amazing way to kick off the year.

2018 12 30 - Port perfect

After doing a little detour via Beaumaris, I ended up at Port with Mike.  Great conditions, about 18 knots throughout.  Athol dropped by and captured some fantastic moments, he is a gun photographer.
After the photo session, we headed up to South Melbourne for some fun wave action.  Just what the doctor ordered, stunning session.

More great photos from Athol at

2018 12 28 - Brighton beginner carnage

It's been such a strange summer season, a horrible lack of sea breezes and really inconsistent wind.  When it blew up a little I was straight down the beach to try and grab an opportunistic session.  I headed first to Hampton, where it wasn't hitting the beach at all.  Then up to Brighton, where one guy was out and there seemed to be a little more on the beach in the straight southerly.  The only catch - heaps of people around and Brighton is really crap if you don't have enough wind as downwind is chaos -  a pier and a yacht club.

I launched and quickly jumped in the water, but soon realised there was not quite enough wind.  I went out a long way, and ended up on a tack just in front of the yacht club.  After about 30 mins, the wind picked up and I was suddenly able to get some air and pull some rotational tricks.  Perfect wind for looping so I did a lot of looping transitions and tried some new tricks from the trickbag.  To my amusement, two beginners/intermediates coul…