2018 11 03 - Big no small no big

Got down to Aspendale early and it was coming in fairly hard.  Um'd and Ah'd until I decided to go with the 10.  Probably the wrong choice.
I tried to self launch, but the kite weirdly blew in on itself and I could launch.  Eventually a guy gave me a launch but the kite was steering hard to one side for some reason.  Some nice little ramps, but it was blowing over 25 so was quite hard to hold down the 10.  Dobbo, James and Stu came down, and there were some close calls with Stu landing his kite hard onto the boardwalk and Dobbo getting spanked a couple of times.  If in doubt go small is a good philosophy !

2018 10 29 - lame downwinder

2018 10 28 - Hang on to your hats, its nuking

2018 10 28 - Gold coast small kite time

picked up, yeah.

2018 10 28 - Gold coast honking wind

On the 10 and flying like a bird

2018 10 27 Kiting weekend - Sunshine beach

Up early for the sunrise and a kite.  Some folks saw dolphins, some saw whales.  I saw not quite enough wind.

2018 10 20 - Beaumaris

Its on my track log, so it must have happened.  I just wish I remembered it.
Job was there.  Rich was too.  Must remember to blog my sessions again.