2018 02 28 - Aspendale - aah

Heaps better being on the small kite, still big airs but a lot more control, so I was able to surf the waves, do some jumps, loops and all sorts.

2018 02 28 - Holy crap Batman, its cranking

Hit up Aspendale after calling in on Julie.  I was greeted with a strong westerly, but it seemed fairly consistent so I thought I'd go the 10.  Woah !  Once out, it would have been 28 knots easy.  Hard to hold down the kite but it made for some massive airs.  Pretty hard to land rotations, or even surf waves, so after about 40 mins I headed back in to trade kites.

2018 02 28 - Seaford Rosebud - we have a winner

Met up with Pete and Taz at Seaford but no wind.  Continued on to Rosebud where it was cranking, with the promise of 40 knot gusts to contend with.  Needless to say, I went for the small 7m kite.
It is such a great spot, heaps of flat water, beautifully clear, waves out the back - its just ace.  Did a lot of darkslides, loops, and anything else I could think of.

2018 02 25 - Point Leo - you ripper

Big southerly hit and high tide - seemed like great conditions for a Point Leo session.  I met Pete down there in great wind and tide conditions, unfortunately the swell wasn't quite big enough, otherwise it would have been amazing.  Great spot to kite though, beautiful water, huge setup area.  We went down to the Pines and took turns surfing the little wave there - perfect spot for next time.

20180220 - Altona - stinky and special

meet up with dobbo and James for some flat water magic. Worked on riding blind, just need to keep power in the kite. Got ran into from behind again and had to pull safety, the other guy was very apologetic. Pretty crowded at Altona and the visibility at sunset is terrible

20180217 - Beaumaris with perfect wind

fantastic 20 knots, so loop and rotation arama. Still landing hard with the megaloops, need to work on timing. Job was having a ball, and his son luca,12, is making incredible progress.