2018 01 14 - Why is everyone at Brighton?

Hit Hampton in perfect wind conditions, about 20 knots.  Really starting to get backroll 720's working on my non preferred.  Did a tour down to Brighton to check out what Stu and Anthony were doing, was quite a shock coming from 2 people on the beach at Hampton to absolutely packed at Brighton.

2018 01 13 - Getting the worm

Taz and I were the early birds, we hit Aspendale to get the worm.  Pretty strong wind, so took the small kite out with my larger bar - the small bar is looking pretty sketchy, the main depower line is just about to go.  Nice waves, good strong wind let me hit some megaloops, heaps of fun and also sphincter clenching at times.  Looked like rain was a sure thing, but sunshine ended up blazing through.  2 hours on the water, yeehaa.

2018 01 04 - Fluoro man

hit port with taz and james.  A sus guy in a fluoro vest was watching very carefully as I stowed my keys, so I ended up chaining them to the fence and running back in when I thought I saw him trying to steal my car.  Headed up to South Melbourne afterwards for a glorious session in the surf.

2018 01 01 - Hampton to work on double backroll

Great wind so I chose to work on double backroll on my weaker side.  Took a pounding, but getting better at it.

2017 12 30 - Big downwinder - Frankston to Mentone

Every part of me is now sore following the massive downwinder from Frankston to Mentone.  Two and a half hours of surfing waves and hitting ramps for massive jumps with James, Stu, Job, Mike and Anthony. 
I'd given Marty some kite instruction in the morning with my old 7m kite, then called in for some dodgy advice from SHQ to repair my bar.  We met up at Mentone, loaded into Anthony's van and Mikes car and hit Frankston.  Given that I'd destroyed my 7m bar trying to repair it, I took my 10m to Frankston, only to find about 25knots of wind.  I was a  bit skeptical about taking the big kite out, given the long trip, heavy wind and dodgy launch area, but once in the air the kite was fine.  Great surf at Frankston provided some fantastic ramps for massive jumps, and fun surfing opportunities on the way back in.  Riding the waves toeside as they crest up alongside you is magnificent.  The best section was between Frankston and Seaford, fantastic waves and strong wind.

2017 12 27 - Seaford rubbish

Bad dodgy wind, ne. Bit of walking back up the beach.

2017 12 28 - Hampton double backroll smash

Perfect seabreeze wind at Hampton - rock solid 20 knots throughout.  I joined James, who had been out for an hour, and Anthony - who had been out forever.
Did quite a few double backrolls and double forwards, forward with kiteloop and slow backward transitions.  Worked on forward transitions, ended up adding kiteloops for power to come out strong.  Worked hard on double backrolls going on my weaker side - with heaps of crashes as a result.  The kite keeps going too far back - I'm going to have to work on that a lot more.  Must have stacked in 10 times, but each time a little less impact.