2020 03 20 - Hampton after work

Joined James and Anthony for an after work session at Hampton.  Cut upwind into some nice waves.  quite a comedown from Westernport though.

2020 03 14 - Point Leo

Big crew with Adam, Pete, James, Stu, Anthony, Rich all hooking up.  We'd hoped to get out at Flinders but the southerly just wasn't getting in to the bay and the tide was out.  Note to self - for that break you need
1. south easterly or easterly
2. more than 1.7m swell (we went out in 1.5m and it was just ok)
3. close to high tide
We were about 2 hours before a very low tide and the whole rock shelf was out of the water.  If we ever crack that place in perfect conditions it is going to be the best session ever.
So... back to point leo.  We tacked out and back to "suicide" point and kited in a narrow lagoon amongst 4 surfers.  Some fun waves were had, great little session.

2020 03 08 - Flinders wave o clock

Launch in the flinders carpark with James, Anthony, Pete, Stu and Mike.  Kited out to the break at the south of flinders point, smaller waves than last time but still glorious to be out there.  Just rode waves all morning.  Such an amazing spot.

2020 02 28 - Birthday kite

Hampton.  Not a lot of wind but great to be on the water.

2020 02 16 Balnarring

James and I hit up Balnarring.  Quite specific rules about where you are allowed to kite, but had some great wind so lots of nice high jumps.

2020 02 09 - Shoreham to paradise

Doubled up on yesterdays session.  Great wind forecast so we went back to the bay from the day before, not quite as good a swell so we went past Flinders pier.  I could see waves breaking further out so we tacked hard and came onto some fantastic waves on the point.  Dropped my kite and one point and felt like it was going to be shredded on the rocks - but through some miracle I relaunched and continued to have an amazing kite.  Had a big trip back - halfway back we got hit with some big gusts that made it pretty hard going, but wrapped to have a couple of solid hours on the water.