2017 08 05 - Now time for tricks and jumps

not that many of them ended well.  Tried all sorts of rotational jumps, grabs, board offs, transitions, kiteloops, and riding blind.  All fun, not all fluent.  The most fun was riding along the waves and carving the ones that were walling up.  James and I had a hell of a lot of fun.

2017 08 05 - Rosebud to Mt Martha

Kiting weekend - so time for an epic adventure.  James and Pete joined me in Rosebud - we hatched plans to cross the bay, or go out to popes eye, but the prevailing wind made a down and back trip from Rosebud to Mt Martha a much more appealing option.  Heaps of wind - which seemed to get stronger around safety beach - made it pretty much one tack to get there and back.  Still required a bit of perserverance to hold a line and some variation to keep from cramping up.

2017 07 22 - Plenty cold at Rosebud

Plenty cold and plenty great.  Met up with Taz, James at Rosebud for an amazing session at low tide.  Fair few jumps, riding blind, toeside backroll.  Some nice height and wave riding.  Great way to shine a light on a cold day - freakin freezin here.

2017 07 02 - pump up the jam

Wind picked up a tiny bit so pumped up again for a second session.  Only 20 minutes but worth every second to be on the water.

2017 07 02 - Rosebud - would look amazing in a photo

...but its winter so its a bit chilly.  Just enough for a bit of looping transition, then a bit of a grind for an hour.  Still pretty special to be out in the beautiful water.  Joined by Stu Styles, Tarren and Mike for some joyous winter sunshine.

2017 06 25 - Dawn raid on Seaford

Met up with Taz at about 650 at Seaford for an amazing dawn session.  Hit the water when it was still dark, tried a lot of loops, raley where I also hit the 2nd safety while hooking back in.  Glorious moment when the sun came up on the magnificent small waves.  Ridiculously amazing way to start the day.