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2019 11 10 - Invisible Aspendale with James and Rich

Pulled another big air with kiteloop landing.  Took me a while to adjust to riding the big kite again.  Pretty cold in my short leg wetsuit.

2019 11 09 - Aspendale with the elevator

Met up with Stu, James, Mike and Dobbo at Aspendale at lunchtime.
About 20 knots, but given the wild weather of the last couple of days I put the small kite up.  Almost straight away I had a secondary lift on a jump, then looped it to land beautifully smooth on the water - a perfect jump.  Great session in the waves, lots of power, heaps of fun.

2019 10 26 - Aspendale in honking wind - danger will robinson

met up with Stu S at 9am at Aspendale.  The forecast was for wild winds with gusts up to 50 knots.  We guessed they would accompany the storm fronts. We were half right.

One blew through just before I got there, but there was still plenty of wind.  I decided on Gnotuk St carpark to give us a bit more flexibility and backup in case we mucked up a launch - there are heaps of obstacles at Roycroft.  Got out and everything was smooth, strong wind with good jumps and a fun surf.  Did some rotational jumps and thought I'd try out one on my non preferred.  Felt all sorts of our of position and hit the loop early.  My lines went slack, enough for me to wrap one of the lines around the bar.  Of course the kite powered right up, looped and sent me flying.  Quick chance to try and free, then loop again, airborne.  I wasn't particularly panicked, I knew I just had to unloop the line.  Eventually found it, but by this time my kite has looped so much that when I got it in the air, it just …

2019 10 19 - Aspendale in strong wind

Met up with Pete, James and Stu for another ripping session at Aspendale.  Lots of wind on hand, almost too much at times, I had to depower the 10 to keep it under control.  Nice air but waves not as great as last time.
Rode with the new Harness (Mystic drip) - I'm not really sure about it at this stage - its a great fit (small) but it sits a bit higher than the majestic so I'm tossing up whether to go back to the majestic.

2019 10 06 - Aspendale - just perfect

The wind suddenly cranked up, 25 knots and the sea kicked up some perfect waves.  Massive airs, riding big head high waves, it was a stunning session.  Had an absolute ball and followed it up with the first swim of the year in the pool.

2019 10 06 - Aspendale with the crew - patchy

Up and down...but just enough to hold a line.  Out on the 7 just in case as it was one of those days that could easily go ballistic.

20190929 - Ripping session at Angelsea

About 20-25 knots, onshore, big waves, crystal clear water - fantastic session.  Left the kids on the beach amongst the media throng and I think its the first time they've actually seen me on the water when its good wind.  Got some big air, did some basic rotations and tried to surf the massive close out waves.  Hell of a lot of fun.

20190927 - Anglesea amongst the rainbows

Pretty dodgy wind but very nice backdrop.

2019 09 07 - Threading the needle with James

Forecasting skills came in handy today, picking the slot between rain fronts for an hour long kite with James at Hampton.   Perfect wind so I had a crack at heaps of rotational jumps.  Heaps of progress on my weaker side, nailing double backrolls, forward rolls and a backroll to toeside.  Session ended perfectly, packing up and getting in the car just as the next front dumped rain on us.  Yeehaa.

2019 09 01 - Nugget time

Took Job's new nugget out for a spin, had a great time gybing jumping and carving.

2019 09 01 - Happy Fathers kite

Went down to Rye to meet up with Job and Luca.  Had a blast on the big kite in about 18 knots.  Gotta sort out this unhooked raley.

2019 08 24 - Kiting visitors

Gave Daphne a go on the trainer kite - which is very hard on the arms, particularly in 30 knots.  We then put up the 7m so that she could get a feel for it without actually being tethered.  Julie and Keith dropped by, it was fantastic to see them before they head off on yet another European adventure.
Got out on the 7m again, by this time it had calmed down a bit - heaps of fun putting on the regulars.  Tried riding blind without heaps of success, but got a nice deep darkslide in.  What a joy.

2019 08 24 - Ripping wind at Rosebud

We were heading down for a family weekend down at Rye, and a honking early forecast saw me get up early to grab a ride with James to allow him to get back home by 11.   We arrived at Rosebud to 32 knots, and strong as hell, but very consistent.  Definitely small kite time and I was having second thoughts about inviting Daphne down for a go on the kite - it seemed like the kind of weather where she might just fly away. On the water it was very strong, I started doing my regular tricks and soon realised that conservative was the way to go.  Big big airs on magical water.  Nice little surf and very shallow as ever.  Job, Luca and Rich all arrived but took a little while deciding on the most appropriate kite given the ballistic conditions.  Got an awesome 1.5 hours on the water until Daph arrive and it was time to fly the trainer.

2019 08 18 - Second bite is sweet

Stu, Anthony joined Rich, Job, Luca and I on the beach and not long after the wind cranked up beautifully.  Tried lots of triples and got really close to landing one.  Landed a deadman.  It sure took a lot of courage to let go of the bar, it's such a weird feeling.

2019 08 18 - 2 bites of the cherry - bite 1 is sour

Arrived to honking wind at Rye, advised Job and Luca to put up small kites, put up the 7 and the wind was rubbish.

2019 08 11 - Between the rain clouds

Down to Hampton on a rain sodden weekend for a great little 40 mins.  Great to get out, bit of rotational practice.

2019 07 21 - Taz the photographer, Rosebud the subject

Fantastic forecast saw Stu S, Anthony, Rich, James and Taz motor down to Rosebud for an awesome session in the winter sun.  Slightly over 20 knots and very consistent, just past low tide and Taz still in the halo and very prepared to stand in the water and take photos.
Heaps of fun looking for that perfect shot.  Stuffed up quite a few jumps into shallow water.  Still not nailing the darkslides, sometimes getting totally yanked.

2019 07 14 - cold wet Seaford and a ripper

Met up with James for an early Sunday Seaford sausage session. Cranking woke and some of the biggest waves I've seen on the bay. Cranked a few loops then did circuits riding waves back from tyre pier. Awesome start to a rainy Sunday.

2019 06 30 - Seaford chop

Good north westerly blew up so a quick pre soccer kiting run.  Joined by Aiden, not quite the wave experience of Noosa but hey - ya take what ya get in winter.

2019 06 23 - Noosa round 2

Not quite enough wind but fun to be on the beach with Tina.

2019 06 22 - Noosa waves

Great session in the waves at Golden beach in Noosa.  Forgot my glasses, but otherwise an absolute joy to be in the warm water hooking into waves.

2019 06 10 - Rosebud in clearing skies and howling wind

Went out on the 10 and had an absolute blast.  Gopro in hand, with James, Job and Luca.  Got some amazing footage on the water, during jumps and got some tips on using stabilisation on video editing.  What a difference.  Beautiful session.

2019 05 26 - All in at Seaford, bar the king

Great turnout at Seaford - with James, Dobbo, Pete, Stu, Mike, Rich and eventually Adam all coming down for a session.  Just a shame that the king of Seaford couldn't make it - Tarren got hit by a car while riding his skateboard on Friday night and is in hospital with a broken verterbrae.

Nice little waves, powerful wind so some nice jumps, lots of rotations and all round fun.

2019 04 28 - Hampton footy

Early morning solo at Hampton with nice wind and a whole bunch of footy players doing recovery.  Patches of rain, but pretty good wind and little surf.

2019 04 27 - Aspendale Westerly with Rich

after a movie viewing session last night, the wind popped up so I jetted down to Aspendale, met up with Rich and hit the water.  Inverted my kite and it flew inverted which was a bit scary.  Half landed 4 rotations on my weaker side, but the kite lines were so twisted it powered up and did scary stuff again.  Got smashed and dragged for a bit, and had to search for my board for a while.  Fun session.

2019 04 21 - Easter bunny at Rye

Fantastic turnout at Rye for some great times.
It kicked up for 2 fantastic sessions.  Landed a couple of triples, frontroll transitions with loops, backroll to toeside on my weaker side - it was all going on.
We had Job, Luca, Rich, Rich's son, Tony, Stu, Anthony, James, Athol, quite the turnout.  I think we nailed some amazing footage too.

Athol was onhand for spectactular photos as ever.

2019 03 31 - Kiting weekend Sandy point 5

Last session and heaps of fun with James' camera, Taz chose the land board and learnt that water is softer than land.  Practiced the jesus walk which was heaps of fun - you have to crank the speed to keep it going. 
Cream on top of the cream on top.

2019 03 31 - Kiting weekend sandy point 4

Switched over to the twin tip for the second half of the session - I still find the twin tip is heaps better in waves for riding and getting around the chop.  Had a ball.

2019 03 31 - Kiting weekend sandy point 3

Sunday morning, hit the water with Stu's mutant.  A real struggle at first as I thought you could only ride toeside and getting out through the big surf was a nightmare.  I finally worked out how to ride heelside both ways - which unlocked big waves on a surfboard.  Heaps of fun tracking to get out the back, ride the monsters all the way in, then do it all again.  Nice board !

2019 03 30 - Kiting weekend sandy point 2

After the standard sausage in bread, backed it all up with another session in the surf.  Classic.

2019 03 30 - Kiting weekend Sandy point

An inauspicious start with tonnes of rain, but upon arrival at Sandy point the heavens cleared and a truckload of wind greeted us.  The forecast was for around 40 knots and the sky showed that it was going to deliver.  Great to be on the water, lots of big air and holding down the kite when the bigger gusts came.  At one stage I did a big run down the beach to escape some ominous storm clouds.  As ever at Sandy point, the water between the waves is heavenly flat and the waves are primo for surfing.  What a spot !

2019 03 24 - Ripping Northerly at Brighton

Met up with Job and Luca - and later joined by Mike - down at Brighton.  Heavy northerly, with looming frontal clouds in the distance, and some folks with no clue launching on the windless side of the beach.  Once out with the small kite it was hard going - very strong wind with some heavy gusts.  Took a little getting used to but still heaps of fun.

2019 03 17 - San Remo

Forecast looked great, but it just didn't quite make it.  Beautiful beach with views to the island, but it really needed more of a southerly to work.  Very swirly wind made my kite do all sorts of weird things.  Fish and chips and beers on the foreshore was the highlight, plus great to catchup with james on the commute.

2019 03 15 - St Kilda perfection

Cracking 18-20 knots at St Kilda, solid as a rock, so I tried every rotational trick in the basket.  I'm starting to get my head around triples.  Forward 360 transition with hand in water is sorted, as are doubles on my weaker side.  Had a lot of stacks but a super fun session.

2019 03 11 - Missed it by that much

St kilda just got out in the middle, then the wind died.  Rubbish.

2019 03 10 - Perfect timing

After an excellent snorkelling adventure with Darren and the kids, the wind came in hard.  Setup the small kite and had a blast - big air, nice waves, the whole deal.  Went down to the south where there is a fantastic flat water section leading in to some great waves, beautiful setup in a westerly.  Was a bit heavy at times, so after it started raining I headed in so that I could still land the kite.  Great opportune session.

2019 02 28 - Round two - big kite time

and a triple back on the non preferred.  And a crash

2019 02 28 - Big no small

probably should have been big

2019 02 23 - But wait...again

And again packing up and wind picked up a little.  Back out for another mini session.

2019 02 23 - But wait...

As we were packing up the wind changed direction and picked up a little.  Tarren and I went out and suddenly had enough wind to play with.

2019 02 23 - Pines funnel

Anthony, Tarren, Mike and I met up at Pines following an amazing forecast.  On arrival there was not much there, you could see whitecaps in the distance but it wasn't getting to shore.  Eventually a puff more came in, and after much work, Mike and I were able to go slightly up wind.  Most of the wind was centred in one funnel, enabling me to go out to the reef.  Lots of rocky outcrops to avoid.  Its a very strange wind effect at Pines - probably better to go to Point Leo in future.

2019 02 18 - Port looping magic

Got the heli loops really happening now.  Glorious session at Port with James, quick run across to South Melbourne and wave o clock with the small kite. Just loving rotations and loops right now.  Very close to having the double back on my weaker side nailed.  so much fun it kinda should be illegal.

2018 02 04 - Hampton back on the X

Great to be back on my normal board with the new/old bindings.  Joyful.  Lots of loops and transitions and rotations.

2019 01 27 - Hampton

with James and the Jaime.
Great board, just not quite as good as the x ride.  Hard to grip on when going through chop, and not as easy to hold a line toeside, otherwise very good.

2019 01 26 - Ricketts to Brighton

With Mike, Job, Luca and a friend of Job's.  Rode the Cab Ace - which was not ace.  Zero pop, heavy and big.

2019 01 23 - South Melbourne

Just another glorious run to south melbourne with James.

2019 01 20 - 3d dodgem cars

Tricky traffic at Mordialloc, but beautiful water and....
1 double frontroll with backloop
1 frontroll transition with front hand in water and forward loop
and a partridge in a pear tree.

2019 01 13 - Dream run at Point Leo

300 out of 10.  Beautiful setting, clear, clean water and some little waves greeted James, Stu and I on Point Leo beach.  It made quite a contrast to the stink of my wetsuit, still slightly wet from the last session at Port.
The wind was charging in so we all went small kites and launched from the point.  It was incredible that people were still hanging out at the beach, it would have been pretty unpleasant.  On the water, it was ramp city and air o clock.  After a couple of runs we followed the wind down the beach to surf some of the small breaks.  Glorious, just glorious.  Stu had to pull in and depower, then had to pull in again after hitting an exposed rock and killing one of his fins.
The Pines was the highlight for me, such a great little break with lots of fun waves.  Got some great footage on the gopro with James just behind me, can't wait to edit it and make a mini movie.

2019 01 08 - South Melbourne wave session - oh yeah

James, Taz and I hit up Port and James and I were quickly down to South Melb for a glorious session in the waves.  I've got the heliloop going and the amazing ramps were all setup for some high flying joy.  What a cracker !

2019 01 07 - Port Melbourne Gangsters

Another great session with James, Taz and Athol, with Aidan joining us a little later.  Athol had a quick session then grabbed the camera, which lead to mayhem as we all jockeyed for position.  Great fun and amazing shots as ever.

2019 01 05 - Grinding it out at Port

Marginal wind, but inspired by the ultra kiteloop videos ( I had to get out and give things a shot.  Athol came down and took some shots, which is always great inspiration to try and kill myself on the shallow sandbar.  Did a double back with kiteloop, dunno what I was thinking but came down flat onto a few cms of water.  Athol got some amazing shots as usual.  Wind picked up later in the session for some fun transition jumps, and managed to get quite a few heliloops in which are easy to do and give no yank factor whatsoever.

2019 01 01 - Roundwinder

Big crew - James, Stu, Mike, Pete, Job, Luca - met up at Ricketts to attempt the mystical round winder - up wind to Mordy pier then back home.
Fantastic session, crossing the bay was fun across the big rollers, but the waves and beautiful water around Mordy pier to Aspendale was the highlight.  Landed a double on my weaker side that I was wrapped about.  Rode a million waves, so much fun.
Amazing way to kick off the year.