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2018 05 20 - Aspendale and the birth of the woo

Metup with Taz, Pete, Stu, Richard and James down at Aspendale - another great little gathering at 730am.  Wind was rock solid at around 20, which prompted Taz to try and set new records with the Woo.  I had a go at a lot of rotationals.  Still got pain in my arm, but just worked out an exercise to free it up so I was able to get some relief.  Great to be on the water as ever.

Taz set some new records with his woo - highest jump for that spot.  Got a little air myself.

2018 05 05 - 7 guys naked in a carpark at 630am

Well dodgy !
It's quite a sight, turning up to a supermarket carpark at 630 and seeing a bunch of guys in their jocks.  Lucky it is for a good cause - a howling north westerly wind after a bit of a still patch.
Seaford was the location, with the wind absolutely cranking - perfect for the 10m.  A very skinny beach caused a bit of chaos when Sean asked a bystander to launch him and almost took out the guys wife (and some fences and wood uprights). 
All without casualty though.
My arm was still hurting but it was a cranking session, lots of big jumps, nice swell and fun fun fun.  Great to be on the water with a big bunch of guys in one of our favourite spots.