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27 May 2012 - rubbish conditions at mordialloc

Tantalising wind of about 14 knots. Highlight was seeing a A plastic bag.

12 May 2012 - Beautiful consistency at Parkdale

Tarren and I hit the beach early - I had things to do in the afternoon, so we were at Mentone at 8:00.  Mentone was in wind shadow a little bit in a direct westerly, so we headed a little further south to Parkdale.  The wind there was amazingly consistent for winter - spot on 17-18 knots - just enough sometimes for some air but not quite enough to do whatever I pleased.  The water was beautiful, small gentle waves around.  We stayed out for over 2 hours - when I came out I had blisters on my hands.  Next time I'd probably go a bit further south to Mordialloc as there is a little more beach there.  Lost my wedding ring whilst changing - had to go back and find it later that night.
Still happy not wearing gloves even though I got blisters, the grip is a bit better, less fatigue in my hands and I figure they will harden up over time.

05 May 2012 - Towing the line at Hampton

Just got enough wind to keep on a line - funnily enough I was still able to get air on transitions.  Magnificent to get out on an otherwise average day.  Water was a lot warmer than expected, I have to do something about the water shooting up the legs of the wetsuit though - its driving me crazy.