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20 Feb 2012 - Having a shot at everything

Location : Port Melbourne 
Kite : 10m Switchblade 
Wind: 20 knot southerly

Fantastic wind, awesome session.  Went across to South Melb and tried every outstanding trick I had.
Tried the toeside forward 360 transition - and landed it on my preferred side.  Still not consolidated by any means.  Tried the deadman - can't get my head around letting go of the bar.  This will happen.  Tried riding blind - but really struggle with the transition to blind.  Tried riding unhooked but the kite was super powered whenever I tried it - so I couldn't do anything.  Got to do my homework on this.  Tried board off on my non preferred - and pulled it off.  Not as elegant but some practice is due.

18 Feb 2012 - Sunset cruise

Location : st kilda
Kite : 10m Switchblade
Wind: 17 knot south westerly

 Sunset cruise - just enough wind to stay upwind, cruised out past the breakwater and into the kiddies pool.

12 Feb 2012 - Progression time in perfect conditions

Location : Mentone Kite : 10m Switchblade
Wind: 22 knot south easterly
Perfect wind, perfect waves, what a great day kiting.  Landed the best board off so far, and the standard set.  Landed a backloop to toeside but didn't have enough power out and sank coming out.  Did a toeside frontroll - not as elegant as I would like but I can see now how this could work.  Also did a very nice raley - its time to unhook next time I've got an 18 knot day.  Had an amazing time - still buzzing.

11 Feb 2012 - Mentone with rain

Location : Mentone Kite : 10m Switchblade Wind: 15-18 knot southerly Up and down in terms of wind and weather, but the water quality was beautiful. Nice little waves rolling through. James making great progress and one good wind day away from sorted.

07 Feb 2011 - Hampton in just enough

Location : Hampton Kite : 10m Switchblade
Wind: 16 knot southerly
Just enough wind - long session but only just enough so no tricks to be had.  Had a go on Pete's sector 60 raceboard - amazing upwind ability.  It's an incredible experience to be able to tack that hard into the wind.