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2018 01 26 - Loop smash

Perfect wind at Hampton - about 18 knots and steady.  Did lots of rotational jumps, backroll kiteloops, forward roll kiteloops and jumps with kiteloops with varying success.  Landed one big jump with a loop, smashed 3 of them horribly.

2018 01 23 - South Melbourne rocks

Just love the waves and flat water there. It is sensational.

2018 01 14 - Why is everyone at Brighton?

Hit Hampton in perfect wind conditions, about 20 knots.  Really starting to get backroll 720's working on my non preferred.  Did a tour down to Brighton to check out what Stu and Anthony were doing, was quite a shock coming from 2 people on the beach at Hampton to absolutely packed at Brighton.

2018 01 13 - Getting the worm

Taz and I were the early birds, we hit Aspendale to get the worm.  Pretty strong wind, so took the small kite out with my larger bar - the small bar is looking pretty sketchy, the main depower line is just about to go.  Nice waves, good strong wind let me hit some megaloops, heaps of fun and also sphincter clenching at times.  Looked like rain was a sure thing, but sunshine ended up blazing through.  2 hours on the water, yeehaa.

2018 01 04 - Fluoro man

hit port with taz and james.  A sus guy in a fluoro vest was watching very carefully as I stowed my keys, so I ended up chaining them to the fence and running back in when I thought I saw him trying to steal my car.  Headed up to South Melbourne afterwards for a glorious session in the surf.

2018 01 01 - Hampton to work on double backroll

Great wind so I chose to work on double backroll on my weaker side.  Took a pounding, but getting better at it.