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25 Nov 2012 - Frankston holiday

The wind was set to do nothing at Inverloch so we headed up to Frankston to grab the southerly - and what a southerly it was.  A consistent 20 knots with the beautiful low surf, water and sand of Frankston.  Had an absolute ball pulling off all the old tricks - even got back into a 720 spin.

24 Nov 2012 - Late wind at Inverloch

The blokes kitesurfing weekend at Inverloch was set for disaster - as much as you can define disaster as surfing in the morning, swimming and landboarding in the afternoon - until a southerly kicked in of around 18knots at 6pm.  We had a good 1 hour session in the beautiful surf - fantastic conditions - before it putted out.

18 Nov 2012 - Summer ? at Hampton

Tried the surfboard for the first time on a beautiful blue day.  It was really tricky to get up on, but once up it was kind of fun.  You have to pay attention though - not having straps on the board at all means that any slight deviation and you hit the drink.  I did 3 or 4 runs before abandoning it for the comfort of the twin tip.  Magic day with about 16 knots - not enough to do anything crazy but nice for cruising.  No real pain from my knee - thank goodness - so I'll just lay off cycling and stretch and see what that does for me.

9 nov 2012 - fronts and rain

Hit port melb after work with Tarren and elke.  Wind was good for the first 15 mins, but after that rain and fronts made for a dodgy session.

4 Nov 2012 - PredictWind rules inveloch

Everyone had bailed out as it was marginal - about 10-12 knots.  Luckily Pete had the new kite and his raceboard - so we took turns of the raceboard which was actually able to hold a line in super light winds.  It was fun to ride it on flat water - I still haven't got transitions anywhere near sorted but it does fly along.  After a while I noticed Pete starting to go upwind quite a bit- so I rigged for a session of 15-16 knots.  Great to get one in - particularly when the kids are already in bed - no credit points lost !

3 Nov 2012 - Welcome to Inverloch

It hit 4:30 and the wind sprang up so I high tailed it to the beach (a mere 2 minutes away) and had a lovely session on flat water.  As ever the currents were a bit crazy, but the flat water and consistent winds were magnificent.  Not quite enough to do a lot of crazy tricks, but enough to do some nice transitions.