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28 Jun 2014 - Big wind at Frankston

James and I hit Frankston on the tail of an exceptionally windy week in Melbourne.  122km/h was recorded this week at South Channel, fortunately for us the wind oscillated between 25 and 30 knots.  Great small kite weather, we both had a blast.  I've got a small amount of pain in my left foot again, hopefully it clears away.

Photos courtesy of Peter Campbell.

21 Jun 2014 - Glorious morning at Rosebud

James and I hit Rosebud at around 7:30 for a fantastic morning session in beautiful water with a nice 17-18 knot breeze.  Foot is fine and its a great thing to be kiting first thing in the morning.

15 Jun 2014 - Foot is ok

Its been one of the longest breaks from kiting I've ever had - waiting for my weird foot problem to heal up.  Spent a couple of hours down at Hampton in nice 17 knots, on both the twin tip and surfboard without any problem - great to get through the session, fun to be back on the water.
Helped out Gianluca who is progressing well.  His kite is pretty hard to fly though - its a Cabrinha Nomad - one of those kites I'm not a big wrap for.