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2018 10 10 - Altona at peak wind

Roaring through at Altona - first future fund work kite run, parked at the tennis centre and raced across the Westgate to meet Taz and James at Altona.  The wind was real strong - up to 35 knots and the little kite was worked hard.  Went for some kite loops on landing with about 50% success rate, got a little spanked every now and again.  Magnificent flat water but very hard to pick if you are in 3m or 30mm of water - there is so much sediment its just unknowable.  Fun session on the edge.

2018 09 29 - Hampton early bird

On the water at 6am and kiting till 7.  Glorious watching the sun come up.

2019 09 09 - Rosebud part 2

No sooner had we landed and it came in again pretty hard.  So another sequence of awesome flat water, nice wind and sunshine in a beautiful part of the world.  Yeehaa !

2018 09 09 - Rosebud at the crack of dawn

Honking wind early at Rosebud, got some nice doubles and some nice height.  Caught up with Job, Luca, Rich and Mike - who all had a great time, Luca landed his first couple of backrolls.  I think we are going to see amazing progression from him - he's all over it.
Amazing flat water and a very low tide made for interesting riding.  Stuff up my balance once and hit the water hard with my head - dang it hurt.

2018 09 01 - Fronty Aspy

Nice 18-22 knots down at Aspendale for Taz and I.  My arm is starting to come good at last, just lots more stretching to do.  Landed some nice doubles and loops.  Bloody fantastic as ever to be on the water.

2018 08 18 - Franga ripper

Detours at Seaford led us to Frankston - back to Gould st, where the beaches are wide and the wind is spot on.  James and I took off in nice even 16 knots, and felt it grow in strength to a point where we could get airs, rotations and kite loops.  Very close to nailing double backs on my weaker side, which has taken a long time.  Nailed one toe side backloop, but stuffed up quite a few too.
We were joined by Pete and Stu, then Rich after he almost took out a little girl launching.  The wind swung giving us a perfect channel straight up the beach that Stu and I capitalised on, down winding back along the small surf.  Ominous clouds rolled in to finish up the session prior to any potential carnage.  Fantastic start to the weekend.

2018 08 12 - Aspendale with a crew

Good turnout for an early Sunday morning session.  Pete, Stu, James, Dobbo, Richard, Taz.  I slept in so missed the kick off at dawn, but it actually turned out to my advantage.  It was around 15 knots when I turned up, so I went a fair way out to keep a line.  I had to go a fair way downwind, but was able to hold a line and after about an hour it started to pick up.  I was able to make some headway, then it came on beautifully to allow a few jumps and riding the little waves.  Ended after about 2 hours - fingertips totally numb and I couldn't feel my heels for about 20 mins - but the smile was also frozen onto my face.

2018 08 05 - Welcome back to Australia

After 5 weeks in Europe, and missing out at Silvaplanasee in der Schweiz, it was time to saddle up down at Rosebud for a typical howling northerly.  Beautiful day of sunshine pulled in, Alexander's soccer game pulled out so I headed down to join James, Stu and Pete for a slice of the action. 
About 27 knots, great little surf so we jetted up and down for a while, then rode one long wave ages down the coast.  It was a cracking feeling to be on the kite again, but my arm is still not perfect.

2018 06 16 - Cold morning Seaford style

Met up with Taz, Pete, James and Stu at the supermarket carpark for another awesome session at Seaford.  Nice and cool - the hardest part was getting into the wetsuit, after that fairly toasty.  My arm is finally starting to die down - its been a total pain.  Can't wait for it to fade away.
Went for a couple of big loops before crashing pretty hard and winding it back.  Some nice rotational jumps as ever.

2018 05 20 - Aspendale and the birth of the woo

Metup with Taz, Pete, Stu, Richard and James down at Aspendale - another great little gathering at 730am.  Wind was rock solid at around 20, which prompted Taz to try and set new records with the Woo.  I had a go at a lot of rotationals.  Still got pain in my arm, but just worked out an exercise to free it up so I was able to get some relief.  Great to be on the water as ever.

Taz set some new records with his woo - highest jump for that spot.  Got a little air myself.

2018 05 05 - 7 guys naked in a carpark at 630am

Well dodgy !
It's quite a sight, turning up to a supermarket carpark at 630 and seeing a bunch of guys in their jocks.  Lucky it is for a good cause - a howling north westerly wind after a bit of a still patch.
Seaford was the location, with the wind absolutely cranking - perfect for the 10m.  A very skinny beach caused a bit of chaos when Sean asked a bystander to launch him and almost took out the guys wife (and some fences and wood uprights). 
All without casualty though.
My arm was still hurting but it was a cranking session, lots of big jumps, nice swell and fun fun fun.  Great to be on the water with a big bunch of guys in one of our favourite spots.

2018 04 15 hurricane at Seaford

Blowing big time.  We got down to the beach ridiculously early in the morning, with a forecast of between 25 and 30.  It was blowing at least 30 and on the water it was hitting about 35.  Quite tricky to launch as there was very little beach, so Taz and I did assisted launches with kites in one hand.  The challenge at Seaford is the combination of not much sand and wired fences - which are a little daunting. 
On the water it was big air time - and surfing time.  It was blowing pretty much straight onshore, so I was able to go between the pier and Frankston with no great difficulty.  Got pushed off one wave and my lines wrapped around two fins on my board - which i had to untangle immediately - it would have been a nightmare if I wasn't able to free it.  Big air, waves, and a bit of old spice - a few fronts blew through which bought heavy, sleeting rain with them.  All a stack of fun - just wish this tendonitis would go away though !

2018 03 30 - Inverloch, tour and surf

Cracking session at Inveloch to kickoff the long weekend with Nicky, Simon and Elodie.  Hit the beach and went straight up the inlet and out to the surf.  The surf was amazing - I was pulling into barrels, riding monsters into shore.  Got absolutely crunched once.  I was hoping to have it all on the gopro, but I must have stuffed up the recording button and only recorded 2 seconds of footage on the beach.  Dissapointing !

Notable mention for the awesome tandem kayak session I had with Simon on the Sunday of Easter.  We took the double kayak out on the big waves and surfed monsters for absolutely ages.  It was so much fun, we were both hooting like little girls.

2018 03 11 - Sandy Point to Wilsons prom to inlet

Hell yeah, time for the big one.

We got up real early in Tarthra and drove down to Sandy point, where we met up with James, Pete and Dobbo for the next chapter.  Having done the Sandy point to inlet trip we were keen to back it up and do it again, but this time have a go at the prom also.

The wind was absolutely perfect, cranking strong and consistent.  The waves weren't as big as they have been previously, but still heaps of fun to carve.  So, we carved, jumped and sped down the length of the beach - laughing all the way.  Did some big jumps and had some laughs as Tarren raced a sailing buggy, dobbo did some nice jumps, Pete did a massive tour, James wooped it up and Stu carved infinite waves.  I oscillated between carving waves, jumping and trying some new stuff - albeit with only one arm as tendonitis had kicked in big time in my right arm.

We headed a fair way down the prom before turning around and running through the inlet.  Magical scenes as we hit the flat water with ever…

2018 03 10 - Tarthra Wow

After lunch we headed back down to the beach and had a chat to a guy that had just done a downwinder to our spot.  He said the wind was a lot stronger up the beach - and the waves were a lot bigger too.  A downwinder seemed a good idea - but we had a better one - tack up and kite back.

We headed out and soon worked out that the wind was a lot stronger near the cliffs, out the back and up the beach.  After some hard tacking action, we got up into the strong wind zone and it was magical.  Huge waves, great wind and magical water meant that we were in for the session of our lives.  It was amazing, heading out, getting a monster wave and surfing it back in.  Unfortunately my gopro ran out before I could get heaps of footage - but I did capture one monster, and the continual jumping we had to do to get out.  Truly a highlight.

2018 03 10 - Tarthra Schwing

Arriving in Tathra was a "schwing" moment - as articulated by Stu Styles.  Magical beach - just as I remembered it from 28 years ago - clear water, strong wind, whitecaps - just let me at it.  We got down on the beach and did some runs and the wind wasn't quite as strong as it looked - it took a bit of work to keep going.
Still, the water was magical and the waves were something else.  We went for a couple of hours, and took a break, grabbing lunch across the road from the beach.

2018 03 09 - Kiting weekend - 90 mile

Our default approach to the kiting weekend has been to reserve the weekend, then book accommodation at the last minute once we have a confirmed forecast.  Unfortunately we had to change the approach as we had agreed to have the weekend during the Labour day long weekend.  So, with an Inverloch house booked and paid - and a forecast that said there was no wind in Inverloch, after some debating and searching, we found a plan that would guarantee maximum wind.  The interesting part was that it involved a lot of driving, and 1/3 of the team didn't have their license.

Taz, Stu and I were the three amigos who put kiting above driving time and hit the road early Friday.  First stop - 90 mile beach - Woodside.  A beautiful day, and seemingly strong wind greeted us upon arrival.  Once we had got over the dunes and on the beach however, the wind was actually somewhere between 10 and 13 knots and a real struggle.  Stu did ok with his large 14m kite, but for Taz and I it was only good for so…

2018 02 28 - And for my last trick - surfboard

Had a quick session on the surfboard to finish off the day.  The surf had built up considerably after all the wind so there was some great rollers to tuck in to.  I find it a lot easier on the twintip funnily enough, but it was fun being on the surfboard.

2018 02 28 - Aspendale - aah

Heaps better being on the small kite, still big airs but a lot more control, so I was able to surf the waves, do some jumps, loops and all sorts.

2018 02 28 - Holy crap Batman, its cranking

Hit up Aspendale after calling in on Julie.  I was greeted with a strong westerly, but it seemed fairly consistent so I thought I'd go the 10.  Woah !  Once out, it would have been 28 knots easy.  Hard to hold down the kite but it made for some massive airs.  Pretty hard to land rotations, or even surf waves, so after about 40 mins I headed back in to trade kites.

2018 02 28 - Seaford Rosebud - we have a winner

Met up with Pete and Taz at Seaford but no wind.  Continued on to Rosebud where it was cranking, with the promise of 40 knot gusts to contend with.  Needless to say, I went for the small 7m kite.
It is such a great spot, heaps of flat water, beautifully clear, waves out the back - its just ace.  Did a lot of darkslides, loops, and anything else I could think of.

2018 02 25 - Point Leo - you ripper

Big southerly hit and high tide - seemed like great conditions for a Point Leo session.  I met Pete down there in great wind and tide conditions, unfortunately the swell wasn't quite big enough, otherwise it would have been amazing.  Great spot to kite though, beautiful water, huge setup area.  We went down to the Pines and took turns surfing the little wave there - perfect spot for next time.

20180220 - Altona - stinky and special

meet up with dobbo and James for some flat water magic. Worked on riding blind, just need to keep power in the kite. Got ran into from behind again and had to pull safety, the other guy was very apologetic. Pretty crowded at Altona and the visibility at sunset is terrible

20180217 - Beaumaris with perfect wind

fantastic 20 knots, so loop and rotation arama. Still landing hard with the megaloops, need to work on timing. Job was having a ball, and his son luca,12, is making incredible progress.

20180211 - Hampton morning - 2 hours - yeah

Pretty patchy at first - lots of rain fronts coming through - before and during the rain was awesome, after not so good (as usual).  It levelled out after about 9am though, with some pretty solid 18-20 knots.  Really taking control of the double backrolls now, and forward to toeside too (with loop of course).  Was joined by Mike, Stu and Anthony for the final quarter of the session - got to see Mike do a massive board off - just got to work on the "board back on again" part.

20180203- The people you meet

Ricketts again - this time the yacht club.  Was running really short on time before sundown and my parents were over, so managed to leave the car door open and window open during the session.  Ran into Jonathan Coles on the beach - small world - he was doing some free diving.  Nice guy and good to see him outside of work.  Great to see Grant too and Hamish was down there also resting up after a couple of gos.  Wind was good further out, but dodgy close to the beach.  So much so that it was a real struggle to get back in - south easterly there is definitely not good.

20180202 Ricketts lifesaving club

Had the day free so went down to Ricketts, met up with Job and attempted some kiting in marginal conditions.  Great fun in a beautiful little section, was more like gust surfing that kitesurfing - a couple of good little puffs but a bit of a battle to stay on top of it.  Still great to be on the water and good to be alive.

2018 01 26 - Loop smash

Perfect wind at Hampton - about 18 knots and steady.  Did lots of rotational jumps, backroll kiteloops, forward roll kiteloops and jumps with kiteloops with varying success.  Landed one big jump with a loop, smashed 3 of them horribly.

2018 01 23 - South Melbourne rocks

Just love the waves and flat water there. It is sensational.

2018 01 14 - Why is everyone at Brighton?

Hit Hampton in perfect wind conditions, about 20 knots.  Really starting to get backroll 720's working on my non preferred.  Did a tour down to Brighton to check out what Stu and Anthony were doing, was quite a shock coming from 2 people on the beach at Hampton to absolutely packed at Brighton.

2018 01 13 - Getting the worm

Taz and I were the early birds, we hit Aspendale to get the worm.  Pretty strong wind, so took the small kite out with my larger bar - the small bar is looking pretty sketchy, the main depower line is just about to go.  Nice waves, good strong wind let me hit some megaloops, heaps of fun and also sphincter clenching at times.  Looked like rain was a sure thing, but sunshine ended up blazing through.  2 hours on the water, yeehaa.

2018 01 04 - Fluoro man

hit port with taz and james.  A sus guy in a fluoro vest was watching very carefully as I stowed my keys, so I ended up chaining them to the fence and running back in when I thought I saw him trying to steal my car.  Headed up to South Melbourne afterwards for a glorious session in the surf.

2018 01 01 - Hampton to work on double backroll

Great wind so I chose to work on double backroll on my weaker side.  Took a pounding, but getting better at it.