2018 03 11 - Sandy Point to Wilsons prom to inlet

Hell yeah, time for the big one.

We got up real early in Tarthra and drove down to Sandy point, where we met up with James, Pete and Dobbo for the next chapter.  Having done the Sandy point to inlet trip we were keen to back it up and do it again, but this time have a go at the prom also.

The wind was absolutely perfect, cranking strong and consistent.  The waves weren't as big as they have been previously, but still heaps of fun to carve.  So, we carved, jumped and sped down the length of the beach - laughing all the way.  Did some big jumps and had some laughs as Tarren raced a sailing buggy, dobbo did some nice jumps, Pete did a massive tour, James wooped it up and Stu carved infinite waves.  I oscillated between carving waves, jumping and trying some new stuff - albeit with only one arm as tendonitis had kicked in big time in my right arm.

We headed a fair way down the prom before turning around and running through the inlet.  Magical scenes as we hit the flat water with everyone cutting in, then speed runs along the foreshore inside the inlet.  Such a great session.


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