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2016 02 28 - Downwinder - without much wind

Well the wind didn't really show up to the party.  Hit Aspendale with Pete, Mike and Stu all raring to go, having set up the car shuffle at Hampton.  Wind was a bit light, but we figured it would get better as we got out into the middle.  Good plan.

It was apparent straight off the beach that there was not enough wind to do a lot.  Plans of a leisurely surf down to Mordy pier were abandoned as we just tried to hit Ricketts point without hitting the reef.  I came damn close.  The wind really died as we hit Blackrock - so much so that Stu's kite hit the water and wasn't keen to come back.  I was looping the kite like a crazy idiot with hardly any effect.  I couldn't even backtrack to see how Stu was doing or head in - in such light winds, both moves would mean swimming.  Bad news.

As we hit Hampton the wind picked up again, but we headed in quickly to make sure Stu was ok.  He was fine, and had some great stories about a catamaran sailor, fishermen and jetskis.  Very a…

2016 02 25 - St Kilda bang

Setup at St Kilda and um'ed and ah'ed about setting up with full depower.  The day had a bit of an ominious feel - as if it might be hit with 25 knots any second from a low base of around 10.  After 20 mins it crept up, I launched and my gut feel came true - out in the middle it was blowing its nut off, I was getting massive air and having trouble staying upwind.  I tossed up the idea of going back in to back off the kite - but I figured it would drop back (it did !) plus I was having fun hitting some heights.

Worked on spins, transitions, some old stuff and some new.  The forward 360 transition now naturally lands in a toeside which is kind of fun.  Tried the front foot board off - got it off and on just in time to hit the water!  Definitely doable.

Stoked to get back on the water after the stress of moving.

2016 02 15 - Downwinder Aspendale to Mentone

Headed to Aspendale with Job for his virgin downwinder.  Great to hear that Grant decided to join us with the sailboard - although we sent Grant off early a number of things conspired to him starting to setup after us and taking a while to get going.  Pete was a late addition - arriving just in time to store Grant's key in his car after a keylock malfunction.  Grant was really edgy about us waiting around for him - which was fine - its a lot more fun when everyone sticks together for the trip.

A really packed beach made it quite tight to launch and get out the back - swimmers everywhere.  With everyone ready to go we set off - and instead of being a tight pack of folks it was like a race - Grant tore off downwind at a pace I didn't want to match and Job tore arse after him.  I figured they would tack back but I think a bit of angst coupled with the Mordy pier saw them set a world record for the down winder landing them at Mentone in no time.  Pete on the other hand was taking…

2016 02 05 - Hampton - the games continue

Got through terrible traffic (level crossing replacement I'm guessing) to hit Hampton and see Stu and Job having a ball.  Job is now going upwind and lovin it.  Tried to consolidate a lot of the tricks I've been working on which worked well (backroll transition to toeside, toeside backroll to heelside).  Got a little more ambitious later on - set up the kite for unhooking.  I picked the worst spot for it, quite near the groyne I unhooked, ditched the kite and had to tussle with it all the way to shore trying to avoid destroying it on the rocks.  Watched a great video on unhooking which I'll put into practice next time.  Next did 3 backroll kiteloops in succession, the first two were perfect, the third I hit the loop early, landed hard and got spanked.  I'm definitely learning a lot, but I'm eating more than my share of water !