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31 Aug 2014 - Spring arrives...and a northerly did too

James and I got a nice session in at Brighton on a beautiful day.  Managed to bring Tina and the boys down the beach, they had a great time too so smiles all round.

17 August 2014 - Joy at Mentone

Got a decent session in on the surfboard and bookended it with the twintip.  Starting to really sort out the gybing, got about 80% done.  I was quite enjoying touring with the surfboard, you can get a fair bit upwind with it.  It was quite weird transitioning back to the twintip at the end, the balance seemed all kind of wrong.  Got to get a replacement surfboard, I've got quite used to it and Tarren is coming back soon.

Stu Styles and Grant called by - Stu took a few snaps while he was down there - big thanks !