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30 Dec 2013 - Messing with the Spirit

Headed down to St Kilda to grab a late seabreeze with Pete.  It came in just enough - around 16-17 knots - for us to get a tour in down to the mouth of the yarra and back.  Funnily enough we came back on exactly the same tack - not easy to get upwind today.  Sorted out downloop turns though - which generate a stack of power - good thing to try in light conditions.

29 Dec 2013 - Light wind conditions at Hampton

Pretty average wind, just enough to stay upwind.  I tried to go further out to get better wind, but ended up having to walk back from Green point.  Better luck next time.

26 Dec 2013 - Big air at Hampton

A strong seabreeze hit Hampton, so James, Pete and I hit the beach at around 4pm.  It felt to be about 20 something knots on the beach, but after rigging up the 10 and heading out, it was blowing a pretty consistent 27 knots out the back.  I managed to get quite a few huge airs going launching off the top of waves as they came through.  It took a lot of effort to hold the kite down in such strong wind - kept the session fairly short but intense.  Not the time to be trying new tricks though !

23 Dec 2013 - Christmas comes early - Mentone to Aspendale and back

Amazing session with a big upwind trip to Aspendale, great play in fun surf, then back again.  Got possibly the best wave I've ever caught on the kite, had an absolute ball.  Wind was a bit strange for big airs so I stuck to riding waves.  Totally exhausted by the end - amazing session.

21 Dec 2013 - Mentone - just a bit more

In keeping with the last couple of gos at Mentone - not quite enough to have a great time.  Session probably only lasted 30 minutes before the wind died out.

15 Dec 2013 - Sundown in St Kilda

Very late session - got to the beach after putting the kids to bed.  Left at 718, got to the beach at 748 and kited until the sun went down (about 830).  Just enough wind to stay upwind and do some transitions with kite loops.  Gotta love daylight savings.

14 Dec 2013 - Mentone - using the channel

Missed the good wind, just around 15 knots to try and use.  Had fun making use of the very narrow channel next to the beach to get back upwind.  Nice water, waves would have been great with a couple more knots.

8 Dec 2013 Morning at Brighton

James and I hit a strong and building northerly down at Brighton fairly early in the morning.  Got blown some way downwind at some stage - it must have hit around 28 to 30 knots.  Water is nice and warm now.

2 Dec 2013 - Evening at Hampton

Tarren, James and I met up down at Hampton for an evening session.  Nice wind for about 40 minutes, fantastic to be on the water after a hot day.  Ankle is getting better and better.  Damned if I could land a backroll to toeside, doing faceplants again.