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28 July 2013 - As good as it gets with a sore rib

There are some days where this sport points out just how great it is and why it consumes you.  Today was one of those days.

James, Tarren and I hit Rosebud at around 10am, after checking Dromana.  Wind was perfect at around 20 knots.  Very hungover and still suffering from brusing my ribs, the beautiful cool water made me forget all my ills and put a massive smile on my face, fantastic flat water and a small swell on the sandbar.  I didn't try any tricks but worked on carving turns in the glorious shallow water.  Unbeatable day, I'll be back down to Rosebud.

14 July 2013 - Full car tour, dodgy Brighton northerly

James and I headed to Frankston then on to Mornington looking for a good onshore breeze.  The bay monster had struck again and was eating the northerly in the middle of the bay.  We droze back up to Brighton and headed out, a reminder of just how gusty the northerly can be at the top of the bay.  It seemed to go from 15 to 30 knots, got pretty yanked a couple of times.

Only 4 folks out, but some idiot still decided he wanted to do a trick just as he was passing me coming the other way.  We were a fair way out, he stuffed up the trick and I had to take major evasive action, yanked off my board and had a swim for a little while.  I had a chat to him afterwards and told him what had happened, he seemed largely oblivious.  Hurt my rib in the evasive action - looks like another 3 weeks of pain.

Hit something solid twice with my board... no idea what but it definitely wasn't a rock.  Whatever it was probably has a fair headache now.

06 July 2013 - Another ripping northerly

woohoo.  Nailed the indy glide - fantastic and pretty easy now.

04 July 2013 - Winter northerly at its best

Frankston in 25-30 knots - unbeatable.

Beautiful sunrise reflecting off some nice waves.  No really ambitious progression, there was absolutely no-one on the beach.