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2017 10 29 - Seaford summer

First session where it really feels like summer, hot with a big northerly blowing its tits off.  Stu, Athol, Mike, Pete and I met up at Seaford, greeted by 20 knots, a beach full of tattooed locals and a hint of menace in the air.  I went with the 7, as the forecast indicated a fair bit of nastiness on the way.  Pretty glad I did, just launching it was immediately obvious we were dealing with 25 - 30 and a fair bit of gusty adventures.
Water was perfect.
Waves magic.
Wind - powerful and a bit gusty at the top end, fine with the 7 but it was creating havoc for some of the other guys on bigger kites.  I had a ball with some rotations, high jumps and carving waves.  Mike saw a couple of dolphins.  I found a beach ball that I tried to throw at people.  Nice to get some height on jumps, but the gustiness made it pretty tricky to pull off consistent nice landings. 
Poor Stu got yanked so bad that his harness, impact vest and hat got pulled over his shoulders and he lost his entire kite - l…

2017 10 05 - Elwood

Met up with Taz at Elwood.  A raging wind dissipated as soon as we put kites up.  Still got a bit of a run and think I've got the backroll kiteloop on the non preferred under control.  Fun to get wet - plus first session of the summer without booties.  Fun times ahead !