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2016 06 13 - Sketchy Mornington

Headed to Frankston but not quite enough wind, so predictwind redirected us to Mornington which sticks out a little more and should grab more of the northerly.  James and I rolled up to the beach, the wind was definitely better at around 18 knots, but the beach was pretty sketchy.  Not much beach, beachhouses everywhere and rocks all over the place.
We setup and launched and had to cut up hard to avoid the rocks, cliff face and mooring lines.  A nice little swell was coming through so there were some nice waves.  We eventually cut past the headland to hit the bay just north of Mornington, nice longer runs there and less obstacles but choppy as hell. Stu and Pete joined us at this point, but I happily headed back to the hazards of the rocks to take in the flat water and surf a few waves.  Really fun session but one that had implications - I really played with caution as the repercussions would have been large.  Big smiles to have got an hour session in in winter in nice sunny windy c…

2016 06 09 - Magnificent day at Hampton

Ducked out for a lunch session with James at Hampton.  Wind was a marginal 16 knot northerly, but after about 20 minutes swung around to a stronger 20 knot north westerly.  That allowed me to get behind the rock groyne and work hard on riding blind.  Awesome fun to do on flat water, I'm at the stage now that I can actually ride for as long as I want - its so awkward but such an achievement at the same time. I'm stoked.
Pulled off a darkslide and some little loops.  Tried hard with unhooked raleys but only got one in that was ok, the rest were rubbish.