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28 Feb 2014 - Birthday kite

Great session from Port Melbourne, toured up to Elwood and back.  Very consistent wind, then some flat water/wave action at Port Melb whilst waiting for Tina and the boys.  Perfect day.

21 Feb 2014 - St Kilda - kiting all day

Big day out at St Kilda with Thomas.

Heart in mouth stuff watching Thomas starting out, but I got a few good runs in.  Nice to be out without time limits.

18 Feb 2014 - Decent wind at last

Very nice session after work with James.  Stuffed up 3 darkslides in a row before pulling one off.  Landed double backwards followed by double forwards, tried riding blind with the inevitable crash but I'm getting closer.  Was damn nice to have some wind where you could actually do a decent jump, woohoo.

Left my bar at St Kilda beach - absolutely spewing.  I've tried everywhere, including
St kilda police
 The zu 
Kite republic 
Melbourne kite boarding Shq 
West beach pavilion

16 Feb 2014 - Running the gauntlet

Went down to St Kilda real late - about 8pm by the time I got there.  There was just enough wind, around 16 knots so I headed far out and was very quickly the only one left on the water.  I ran the gauntlet between the yachts to get into the kiddy pool, then mucked around in the waves.  I saw something amongst the waves at around 9pm that caused me to head back in - probably a penguin but who knows.  Great to have another session under the stars.

15 Feb 2014 - struggling at Hampton

Just enough to struggle to stay on a line at  Hampton.

09 Feb 2014 - Hampton in a strange breeze

James, Peter, Eric, Stu and I went to Hampton after a big front had pushed some nasty wind through - by the time we got there it had calmed somewhat to around 20 knots.  Still some big holes in the wind - particularly out near the rock groyne.  Great to be on the water and nice and warm - but not the time to be trying new tricks as the wind was all over the place.  Some real big rollers coming through too.

Got my gps back so must get back onto my around the bay efforts !

07 Feb 2014 - Hampton by moonlight

Fantastic evening session from 8 till 9 at Hampton with Peter. Worked on rotations, some good, some not so good. Water was balmy.

1 Feb 2014 - kiting by starlight at Inverloch

I'd spent the last week teaching Thomas how to kite so I was hanging out for a session down at Inverloch.
big 5 hour session - 3 hours of which were marginal, the last 2 hours from 8pm to 10pm were fantastic.  Just enough wind to keep a line and do a nice transition, but in beautiful water under the stars in Inverloch gave it a special something.  Pretty unforgettable scenery.