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28 Feb 2013 - Mentone

The wind hit SE so I headed up to Mentone.  Fantastic conditions there - around 20+ knots.  Managed 2/2 darkslides - the percentages are getting better.  Tried a lot of crazy stuff, but made good progression on toeside jumps.  Spent about 2 hours on the water - magic.

28 Feb 2013 - Aspendale - with surfboard

I hit Aspendale at 12:00 - pretty dodgy conditions though as it seemed to have swung SE.  The wind was pretty up and down - 25 knots 1 minute and around 15 the next.  I recorded a movie but unfortunately didn't really land any jumps - drove me crazy !
Took the surfboard out later in the session - it was pretty fun, but still finding it hard to gybe the thing.  Strapless is damn hard work thats for sure.

25 Feb 2013 - Over the top

It came in well over all forecasts today - hitting 30 knots when max 20 was predicted.  Luckily Tarren has moved to Surrey Hills so he bought my 7m with him, enabling James to get out on my 10.
It was great fun to be out on the 7m as I was able to try heaps of looping tricks - transition with kiteloops  to get out, backrolls with kiteloops, darkslide.  I didn't land a lot but had a lot of fun.
Nice long session - it was fantastic to be out amongst it again.

12 feb 2013 mystic on board

Grabbed myself a new mystic harness as my old dakine renegade was falling full pieces. It rocks the house, doesn't ride up at all and heaps of support. Didn't land everything as smoothly as normal, but that may be due to just bad timing. Did one out of two dark slides right, better percentage! Worked on forward roll transitions, very close now. Finding it impossible to do a noise grab with my backhand, board is too long.

10 Feb 2013 - Hampton and man down

Hit Hampton at about 3 with Tarren, James joined later in the piece.  Hooked up the kitecam and headed out, some beautiful flat water and nice wind conditions to be had.  I didn't try anything crazy on the kite, very cognisant of the kitecam  - a bad crash may cause a bit of chaos in the canopy.  Forward 360 on right hand is working well now, just need to consolidate some of the other stuff I've been doing.
James busted a pulley a long way out - fortunately the race boat was around to help out with a kiter onboard - handy !

Great water Transition
Forward 360 Amazing standing man
Hampton coastline
So sweet that flat water
Tarren and James
Rescue time - damn pulleys

07 Feb 2013 - Darkslide !

After 6 attempts today I finally pulled off a couple of darkslides - and one while Tarren was watching as proof.  It is fantastic fun, and sure does generate a bit of pull.  The key seems to be to be moving at a fair pace and go through the window a little faster than a normal transition before pulling through the kite loop.  I certainly did my fair share of face planting before getting this one sorted.

Also worked on front 360 on my weaker side which is coming along a lot better.  Tried a couple of front 360 transitions which are also within sight.  Really making some great progress !

03 Feb 2013 - Beautiful Aspendale and fun downwinder

Pete, James and I met up at Mentone and did the car shuffle down to Aspendale.  Big frontal clouds were looming to provide the fun juice.  Aspendale was absolutely magic, the beautiful white sands and clear water make it an amazing place - every time I head down that way I wonder why I don't go more often.
I was pretty keen to test out my new kite camera rig so I got it hooked up and headed out straight away.  We had to wait a bit for Franz, so we had probably 30 minutes kiting at Aspendale before heading off.  I teed up with James and made sure I took it pretty conservatively, I wanted to make sure no massive crashes occurred to put the camera in jeopardy.
Had a magic time, lots of relaxed jumps, carving turns, riding little waves and raleys and the like.  Magnificent.  The bay turned a distinct brownish colour the moment you go past Mordy pier, such a shame to leave the beautiful clear water behind.  Found a jacket in the water that I mucked around with for a few minutes.
All u…