03 Feb 2013 - Beautiful Aspendale and fun downwinder

Pete, James and I met up at Mentone and did the car shuffle down to Aspendale.  Big frontal clouds were looming to provide the fun juice.  Aspendale was absolutely magic, the beautiful white sands and clear water make it an amazing place - every time I head down that way I wonder why I don't go more often.
I was pretty keen to test out my new kite camera rig so I got it hooked up and headed out straight away.  We had to wait a bit for Franz, so we had probably 30 minutes kiting at Aspendale before heading off.  I teed up with James and made sure I took it pretty conservatively, I wanted to make sure no massive crashes occurred to put the camera in jeopardy.
Had a magic time, lots of relaxed jumps, carving turns, riding little waves and raleys and the like.  Magnificent.  The bay turned a distinct brownish colour the moment you go past Mordy pier, such a shame to leave the beautiful clear water behind.  Found a jacket in the water that I mucked around with for a few minutes.
All up a magic session - and now with photos !


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