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22 Apr 2011 - Long session at Hampton

Location :Hampton Kite : 10m Switchblade Conditions : 16-20 knots westerly
Long session from 9am to 12am at Hampton in perfect conditions.  Fantastic fun. Worked on raley, transitions and rotations. Have worked out the hooked in raley, just need to progress to unhooked. Have sorted the board rotation - fav side is fine, the weaker side needs work. Tried the vertical transition - didn't really get around it but I can imagine now how it will work.

16 Apr 2011 - 5 knots at Sandy point

Location :Sandy point Kite : 16m Cabrinha CO2 Conditions : 5-8 knots southerly

Nowhere near enough wind at one of the windiest places in Victoria.  The kiting weekend that had no kiting.  Frustrating session where we were barely able to get planing.  

Had a great surf on Sunday though the way surfing should be - just us 4 having fun in small surf.  Fantastic !

On the todo list for tricks
- riding blind
- unhooked raley
- back 720 on weaker side
- vertical forward 360 transition
- board rotation at top of jump with backhand hold
- deadman

09 Apr 2011 - Brighton in a gusty northerly

Location : Brighton Kite : 7m Crossbow Conditions : 20-30 knot northerly

Winter is not too far away when gusty northerlies blow in.  Really happy I ended up taking the 7m out - it varied between 18 to 32 knots - good to have some variation and the ability to hold on in heavy winds.  Northerlies are so gusty that its always kind of crappy - but it was nice and warm and the views were fantastic.  Still heaps better than not going !
No real progression - just concentrated on adjusting to the 7m kite - it flies so damn fast you have to really watch it constantly, particularly in jumps.  Managed to work out how to land the damn thing and do a few transitions, be damned if I'll be trying any crazy tricks in an offshore gusty breeze though !

03 Apr 2011 - Aspendale

Location : Aspendale Kite : 10m Switchblade IDS Conditions : 15-20 knots south westerly 
Brain was pretty fuzzy after a couple of nights out - great to wash it out with a session this afternoon.  Pretty fickle conditions - ranging between 15 knots to 20 knots.  Pretty lucky to arrive, have about 90 minutes of good wind before it dropped away.  Got to work on all the normal range of tricks, getting real consistency with the weaker side jumps.  Even rotation both directions on my weaker side.  Got to watch the video again to get my next range of tricks.

01 Apr 2011 - Port Melbourne

Location : Port Melbourne Kite : 10m Switchblade IDS Conditions : 25 knots south westerly dropping to 15 knots
Got out after work on what has turned into a bit of a break.  The weather has just been rubbish in terms of wind, and looking after the kids 2 days means thats two potential days out of the kiting calender.  Spent most of the session working on jumping on my weaker side - really made some great progress now that I have figured out what I've been doing wrong.  Both hands on the bar, bum almost in the water for max tension and moving the kite upwards a lot faster.  No real progress with  new tricks, but good to work on the baseline stuff.  Have to watch the video a couple of times before going down to Sandy point.  Was blowing hard when I arrived so I depowered the kite a fair bit for the 25 to 30 knot winds, by the time I finished up - and Pete arrived - it had dropped off dramatically.  Frontal winds - they are a pain !  Got a good hour or so in though - good news.