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2017 04 29 - Aspendale comes through

I woke up to a bit of wind...and it seemed like I could get a westerly session in so I headed straight for Aspendale.  It was perfect.  About 17-20 knots on the water, enough to let me do some doubles, try unhooked stuff, darkslide, backroll kiteloops and anything else I could think of.  Most of them ended in stacks, some of them came off.  Backroll kiteloops are now under control, even on the weaker side.  I've found I have to delay pulling the trigger on the kiteloop, seems to work better.  Also hit some loops while landing jumps, pretty hard landing sometimes though.  My heel was a bit sore at the end - don't know whether its just the cold or the landings with loops.  Definitely time to reel out the bigger wetsuit, was a bit chilly.

Taz kited down from his house to around gnotuk (and back) and Job joined me on the beach just as I was finishing off.

2017 04 25 - Hampton at last

What a long lay off.  No wind at all - this is normally a low wind time of year but this has been extraordinary.  We had to call off the kiting weekend as there was absolutely nothing happening.

This one was certainly a surprise session.  No forecast, but I woke at 8 to fairly high wind and a break in the rain.  We hightailed it down to Hampton, met Tarren on the beach but Pete, James, Stu and Anthony were not far behind.  Had a great time trying all the standard fare, and pulled off a darkslide and raley.  Taz was landing some ridiculous unhooked tricks, he's really stepped it up.  Big session - out for 1 hour 45 and packed up just before the rain hit.  Awesome.

2017 08 04 - Brighton as normal

After a dissapointing no show at Seaford - Pete, Stu and I went but the wind didn't - great to get an afternoon in at Brighton.  Pretty solid for the most part, but dropped off at times and also came through hard at times - pretty much normal.  Great to be on the water - certainly helps clear the mind.

2017 04 01 - raley time

Lots of raleys - going well on strong side, got way too high on my non preferred to land.
Also did some backroll kiteloops, fun quick session.