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2017 09 24 - Seaford sausage

Its just an awesome setup.  Arrived at Seaford and it was bucketing down, soon enough the rain cleared, blue skies opened up and Taz and I hit the beach.  Solid 20 knots, which peaked up to around 25 at stages.  At one stage when the wind was high I got a nice bit of air, looked across and Taz had followed the same pattern coming the other way - quick wave to acknowledge the highlight !

Excellent water, and nice runs beside the pier.  Did quite a few jumps with kiteloops, still haven't quite nailed it yet, but getting there.  Snuck in a darkslide and lots of rotational jumps.  Magnificent session.  Stu Styles joined late in the piece, but the alure of the sausage was beckoning so we retreated to the carpark.

Oh - and I stuffed up the launch and drifted my kite almost into the fence down there.  Its such a narrow beach - hate having the wired fence so close too.  It's the only downside to a magnificent location.

2017 09 16 - Beaumaris with James and Grant

A fair bit of rain overnight, so we headed to Beaumaris where the water was going to be cleaner.  Wind came in just enough to have a blast, running over the shallow reef and out to the far marker.  Had a ball chasing Grant and James around.  Excellent fun session.

2017 09 09 - Just holding on at Hampton

just enough for a little rush.  lots of loops

2017 09 03 - Hampton flats

Got down to Hampton and was greeted with pretty fickle conditions.  Hung around with Pete and Stu for a bit, then was packing up when it came back in.  I was having a great time, but the kite started to jellyfish like the old globerider used to.  Makes it real tricky to fly - had to come in after 30 mins.  Hope I don't have a puncture somewhere.

2017 09 02 - Rye is where the action is

Met up with James, Job and Taz at Rosebud, but nowhere near enough wind.  We went a little further south to Rye and it was cranking - crazy how localised the wind can be. I can only think that Mt. Martha was blocking the northerly from getting through.
It was light on at first, then switched a little more westerly and was game on.  Jumps, able to go upwind like a champion.  James and I did a trip up to Rosebud.  On the way back, about 600m off shore there were waves breaking.  There was a sandbar, so jumped off and walked around the sandbar for a bit with James - it was cool.  Fantastic session in beautiful water - kiting down the peninsula is amazing.

2017 08 27 - Hampton action

Got out before a massive storm front and hail hit with James.  yee freakin ha.