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28 Oct - Thank the magic man for new kites

Tarren and I hit the seabreeze at St Kilda - wind was between 14 knots and 16 knots so thank goodness for new kites.  Had a ball being out in such light wind, beautiful blue skies and nice water.  You just can't beat this sport !

21 oct 2012 - the joy of kiting

Back out at Hampton for the first go of the season without a wetty.  Yeehaa !
Temperature is back up to 15 c, enough wind to do some nice transitions and summer doesn't feel too far away.

19 oct 2012 - lame at port melbourne

Disappointing session at port melb, beautiful evening but not quite enough wind.  Kite fell out of the sky several times.  Hoping it was just lack of wind, the kite was flying badly.
Pete did very well on the sector 60 , that thing is a beast.

13 October 2012 - Early Hampton - just enough

Just enough wind to keep upwind and do some transitions.  Good to be out with Pete and Tarren, but no real kiting highlights.

6 Oct 2012 - Flat water, great wind, no people

I must be somewhere tropical - NO - actually in the kiddy pool at St Kilda on an overcast day.  Wind was magnificent, the new kite has a mass of power that I think should be able to hold down to 14 knots or so, and no one was around.  Glorious.  The repair on the bar looks to have held up - that wetsuit repair glue is amazing.

4 Oct 2012 - Dawn patrol

Headed down to Brighton for an early morning session with Pete and Tarren.  Beautiful to be down the beach at 6:45 and out on the water with clear blue skies and warm temperatures - hello summer.  Still wearing booties as the straps on my board are still a bit cactus - they need replacements.  The new kite is still handling like a dream - it was slightly offshore so I didn't try anything radical.  Makes for a superb start to the day.