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2017 02 19 - Seaford - magic

One of my favourite locations on the bay is Seaford.  It's the whole deal - the water is great, beautiful sand, generally windy as hell if we go to Seaford, plus there are always sausages ready after the session in the supermarket carpark.  And once again, it ticked all the boxes.  Met up with Tarren and we both had a ball.

Tarren took a knock to the head in a spectacular crash where I saw him flying through the air with arms and legs going everywhere.

I went for 2 big kiteloops on coming down to power out of landings which didn't work real well - I was tracking my kite way too far back which lead to really hard landings.  Got to work on that.

2017 02 12 - Aspendale to Mordy and back

Awesome windy day gave me a chance to test out my new (old) 7m kite - picked up for $350.  Stu and I hit aspendale to grab some great waves in beautiful water.  New kite was fantastic.