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10 Jun 2013 - Long live the queen

If she continues to organise nice northerlies on her birthday....

Tarren gets a go

6 June 2013 - Perfect early morning at Frankston

Hit the beach at 6:45 - and Tarren was already setting up.  Wind was a solid 20 knots and stayed pretty much the same throughout.  Managed to nail quite a few indy glides, had a crack at riding blind, landed 1 out of 3 darkslides and just generally had a ball.  What a way to start the day !

And the track log

02 June 2013 - Back in blue

Great to be back on the water down at Hampton.  James, Tarren and I hit the water at 8am, for a drought breaking session.  Bit of a problem at first with fog - my glasses fogged up and I was looking directly into the sun and couldn't see a thing.
Nice and toasty in my new beanie and booties.
Didn't try and new tricks - but absolutely lovely to be on the water again in great conditions.