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2018 08 18 - Franga ripper

Detours at Seaford led us to Frankston - back to Gould st, where the beaches are wide and the wind is spot on.  James and I took off in nice even 16 knots, and felt it grow in strength to a point where we could get airs, rotations and kite loops.  Very close to nailing double backs on my weaker side, which has taken a long time.  Nailed one toe side backloop, but stuffed up quite a few too.
We were joined by Pete and Stu, then Rich after he almost took out a little girl launching.  The wind swung giving us a perfect channel straight up the beach that Stu and I capitalised on, down winding back along the small surf.  Ominous clouds rolled in to finish up the session prior to any potential carnage.  Fantastic start to the weekend.

2018 08 12 - Aspendale with a crew

Good turnout for an early Sunday morning session.  Pete, Stu, James, Dobbo, Richard, Taz.  I slept in so missed the kick off at dawn, but it actually turned out to my advantage.  It was around 15 knots when I turned up, so I went a fair way out to keep a line.  I had to go a fair way downwind, but was able to hold a line and after about an hour it started to pick up.  I was able to make some headway, then it came on beautifully to allow a few jumps and riding the little waves.  Ended after about 2 hours - fingertips totally numb and I couldn't feel my heels for about 20 mins - but the smile was also frozen onto my face.

2018 08 05 - Welcome back to Australia

After 5 weeks in Europe, and missing out at Silvaplanasee in der Schweiz, it was time to saddle up down at Rosebud for a typical howling northerly.  Beautiful day of sunshine pulled in, Alexander's soccer game pulled out so I headed down to join James, Stu and Pete for a slice of the action. 
About 27 knots, great little surf so we jetted up and down for a while, then rode one long wave ages down the coast.  It was a cracking feeling to be on the kite again, but my arm is still not perfect.