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25 May 2012 - Taming a wild day with a new(ish) kite

Its been a long time between drinks, so when it blew up steady 25-35 knots on an otherwise unpleasant rainy day Pete and I teed up to go out.  It was the first outing for Rod's old 7m kite - and it handled beautifully - heaps better than my old one that got smashed at Inverloch.
The wind was quite strong so heaps of great opportunities for big airs, lots of big rolling swell so I got to ride some fun waves.  Really enjoy riding waves on the kite, it is an absolute blast.  We ended up having a 2 hour session, fantastic to have an outlet.
I ended up ditching the gloves with about 30 minutes to go as my hands kept slipping - and it was heaps easier without them.  I think I've made the transition now to gloveless.  Still a little worried about lines, but the newer bars are fantastic without gloves, very grippy.