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2015 02 23 agro at port

Unusual start to a session.  Motored down to port after home to see Tarren and James just leaving the water. Got in and a guy walked in directly in front of me. Bad form but a sign off what was to come.

On my second tack, I did an air gybe, only to realise that the young guy on the orange north was right on my hammer.  I was jammed up against the yacht club so my only option was to come down and just wait for him to turn around.  But he didn't - he just kept on coming right at me.  I had to take evasive action in the end, turning hard to wash up on shore - and he still followed me and crashed his kite into mine.  I asked him "what the f*ck dude" to which i got a lot of advice about learning to kite, to f*ck off somewhere else and that twin tips weren't allowed at this beach.  Incredulous I asked him if he really meant that twin tips weren't allowed, to which he stormed off.  Seems like someone was having a bad day.

I soon took off upwind and around to south melb…

2015 02 11 - St Kilda craziness

Went down to St Kilda with Bruce - forecast was fantastic and his kit has just landed, so the stars looked to be aligned.  We pumped up his kite - which was in immaculate condition - and went through the basics.  No wind so we opted for a swim to cool down.

The wind picked up closer to 6, so we launched Bruce, then it became apparent it was going to come in pretty hard.  I setup and got out - it was pumping.  I had my 10 and was well powered, Bruce landed to get his wetsuit on, but by the time he relaunched it was hitting 25 and kind of dangerous so it was pack up time for him.

On the water it was very heavy.  I had to work everything hard to not be overpowered, but there were sections where I was being pulled downwind regardless.  I'd guess 28 knots or so, which is tricky to hold on the 10.  Got some big air though, but stayed away from any tricks that may have been a little more dodgy.  It was still fun, but I packed it in when it started to get too nasty.  Live to fight anoth…

2015 02 08 Hampton - with a darkslide

James, Stu and I struggled to stay upwind at Hampton - at one stage we were out quite near the beacon just hunting for enough wind.  Saw Pete on the way through with the across the bay crew - they were all working their kites super hard - must have been quite a slog.  The wind picked up near the end of the session, so I managed to land a nice darkslide then packed up.  Great day to be at the beach, a couple more knots would have been nice too.

2015 02 05 - Mentone after dark

I actually got down to Mentone about 7, but the wind only really picked up after 8.  Managed to pull off a backroll kiteloop.. and thats about it.