2015 02 23 agro at port

Unusual start to a session.  Motored down to port after home to see Tarren and James just leaving the water. Got in and a guy walked in directly in front of me. Bad form but a sign off what was to come.

On my second tack, I did an air gybe, only to realise that the young guy on the orange north was right on my hammer.  I was jammed up against the yacht club so my only option was to come down and just wait for him to turn around.  But he didn't - he just kept on coming right at me.  I had to take evasive action in the end, turning hard to wash up on shore - and he still followed me and crashed his kite into mine.  I asked him "what the f*ck dude" to which i got a lot of advice about learning to kite, to f*ck off somewhere else and that twin tips weren't allowed at this beach.  Incredulous I asked him if he really meant that twin tips weren't allowed, to which he stormed off.  Seems like someone was having a bad day.

I soon took off upwind and around to south melbourne, where I had a fun session with no dickheads.  Great little surf as ever, landed a few toeside backrolls - but still unable to power away - and some frontroll transitions.  Great wind and very nice to be on the water - but it did leave a bad taste in my mouth having this idiot around.  Great support from the guys on whatsapp, I'm hoping that was more of a one off experience.


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