23 Dec 2012 - surfs up

Big shore break, average wind and a different kiting culture are what greeted me at narrabean.
Iwas itching to get out for a sail, the forecast was great but it was a bit of a challenge to find the right wind info in a new location.  Surf it is apparently the go. When I arrived the were kiters out, most were struggling to hold a line. I immediately noticed the big shore break, a new challenge!
setup and headed out, charged through the big shore break and avoided playing in that area for most of the rest of the session,  the place where kites go to die!  Went out a long way to get the best of the wind, stunning vistas of the Sydney shoreline. Didn't try anything crazy, still recovering from my cough and I was keeping am eye on the surf.
Definitely adifferent vibe on the beach to Melbourne.  Maybe a carry over from the surfing culture.  When I arrived, one guy crashed his kite in the surf impact zone, no one was helping so I grabbed his kite before it was pulverized. Later one guy hot launched and got into a heap of trouble, I ran past2 kiters to help out.  As I left, one guy was trying to land with no success whilst 2others looked on. Seems to be more fend for yourself!


  1. Interesting that the kiting culture is different on the Northern Beaches. Sounds like a great location though. I dropped my kite at Gnotuk (accidentally released the safety) - the surf could wreck a kite there too. We have had some nice wind here over the last couple of days.

  2. Hey Peter, much better session today at long reef with afriendly crew. More info soon.

  3. It was blowing hard 30 knots at Hampton today, nearly everyone was on a surfboard. Good to hear Long Reef is a nice spot.


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