10 Dec 2012 - Night kiting

As a kiter, there is nothing worse than watching a perfect day go by because you are tied up with social commitments.  After 3 days in a row of perfect weather, it was fantastic to break the grid lock and get out for a session - allbeit pretty late in the day.  The kids had been sick all day, so I put them to bed and headed down the beach at 7pm.  Got on the water quick smart after saying a quick hi to Tarren, and went hard for about 1 hour in fantastic conditions.  Landed a forward 720 for the first time ever, and a backward 720 went well too.  Not really landing my forward 360s on the weaker side though - something to work on.
Went into the kiddies pool to finish up for some choice flat water.
The only downside - after the pristine conditions we have been kiting in, St Kilda smelt and tasted like poo.


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