31Dec 2 012 - shark or not

I headed down to narrabean,  hoping that I would find better surf conditions than last time. I was kind of relieved that it was an ne wind, it meant that I wasn't heading to dee why, where a shark was spotted yesterday after ramming a surfers board.  Mind you, narrabean is the next beach along to the north,about 1 km away.
I was still fairly cautious, but headed out a long way to sea to get upwind.  After about 5 runs, I was heading out from the beach, possibly only 10m from the shore when I saw a shape through the waves.  I had to double check as the whole shark thing was on my mind, but the outline does not lie, something primeval in me said shark. I had great vision through the waves with my Polaroid sea specs on, I could distinctly see the whole shark,  the Grey color, the side fins and tail. Measuring it up later with Darren I reckon it was about 1.5 to 2m long.  It was swimming parallel to the shore, perpendicular to me. The shock for me was that it was so close to shore, with people swimming everywhere.

I continued out, but after coming back in I was a little freaked.  I stood on the beach for a couple of minutes, then decided I should go back out so that I wouldn't be too scared next time. I lasted one tack then decided to go back home- best just to kite another day. The conditions were pretty crappy anyway, it was choppy and the surf was rubbish.

I can still see that outline in my head.

I have now completed the trio-  dolphin, whale and shark- all seen on the kite.

I wasn't 100% sure so I didn't raise any alarms at the beach besides telling the local swimmers. Tina was a little bit sceptical, but the following article lends a little more weight to the story.

Here is an excerpt, in case the article gets archived

Two beaches in Sydney's north have been re-opened after large sharks were spotted in the area earlier this morning.
The sharks were spotted by a helicopter off North Narrabeen and Dee Why beaches but surf patrols have since confirmed the animals have moved on.
Stephen Leahy from the Westpac Rescue Helicopter says it is the second day in a row a shark has been seen at Dee Why.
"The shark that's been located at Narrabeen, it's probably about 1.5 to 2 metres," he said.
"It's nowhere near swimmers or surfers. The local lifeguards there have been advised.
"The second shark is at Dee Why. Again this appears to be about 2.5 metres, so it's very close to the same size as yesterday and it's swimming in exactly the same location."
An off-duty lifeguard was knocked off his board by a 2.5-metre shark yesterday at Dee Why.
Dee Why and nearby Long Reef beach were closed for the rest of the day.
Mr Leahy says there have been a number of recent shark sightings along the state's coast.


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