24 Mar 2013 - Lets go big

After 2 sausages and some kick starter drinks we headed back out.  Grabbed the wetsuits this time as we were a little fatigued. The wind had died somewhat so we pumped up the normal kites, then had to sit on the beach as it faded completely.  We had decided to call it a day, deflated the kites then a kick arse south westerly came through at around 25 knots.  Pumped up the kites again and had a fantastic session.  Had a big air competition, and tried some of the moves I was reluctant to try in the surf.  Landed a 1080 backroll, front 360 transition, and almost got the toeside 540.  Had a big smash on an attempted dead man - I fell right on my arse from a large height.  The session was the absolute cream on a perfect weekend for kiting !


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