24 Mar 2013 - The lady provides again

Broke with consensus and decided to head to Seaford, as we weren't keen to drive the extra hours to get down to Rosebud, especially considering the forecast was nw to sw.  We cut through to Seaford and got there in quick time, to find a perfect 25 knots on the beach and no-one around.  The expected chaos from the iron man was a non event, there was only half a lane closed on beach road, we parked in the woolies directly opposite the beach - with great access to a sausage sizzle and junk food.  Tarren and I headed out with the small kites as it was really pushing through pretty hard, white horses everywhere on the bay.  Great to be back in the shorts and 1mm too.  Did plenty of kite loop transitions, worked on the forward 360 on goofy, was fantastic in the little waves.


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