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2016 07 30 - Seaford - Taz goes into orbit

Its always a great sign when you are approaching the beach and you see kites of the guys you know flying back and forth.
Rendezvoused with Stu Styles in the carpark and headed down to see James and Tarren having a ball.  Tarren called out so we looked to the sky and the crazy fkr was flying as high as I've ever seen him, huge air that looked like he wasn't going to land before the beach.  Great signs for Stu and I as we pumped up our small kites.
Once we got out it wasn't quite as heavy as we thought, so it took a bit of working the kite to stay powered.  Tarren and James had a rest, then by the time they came out again it was cranking again.  Managed some decent big air, but nothing crazy crazy.  Copied a move of Tarren's of letting the kite fly way back in the window on jumps then looping it back through - works a treat and not really a massive yank at all.
All up it was about 1.5 hours of session - magic to turn a frustrating day of Chadstone shopping into bliss.

2016 07 23 - Aspendale rainbows

2 hour session in very strong wind with the small kite.  Nice little waves, lots of jumping opportunities.  Met up with Stu, Pete, Mike, mate of mikes, Anthony. Great fun mucking around in the waves.  The scenery was at times spectacular, big fronts coming through with occasional rain, rainbows in the distance over Frankston. Had two massive blisters on my hands by the end but happy as a pig in sht.

2016 07 09 - Brighton power

Very strong wind, gusty as always.  After the Townsville experience I was stoked to be out in enough wind.

2016 07 03 - Townsville mud

Dodgy session in mud.
I've carted my kiting stuff to Townsville 3 times now and haven't had one decent session - its kinda crazy.  The forecast for this session was fantastic, I arrived at the beach and it seemed like it was game on.  It's very deceptive there - the wind appears strong, whitecaps arrive but the warm air doesn't really have a lot of push.  Most folks talk about great sessions in 17 knots up there so obviously we are playing in a different ball park.
Foil kiting has really taken off due to the light winds - so heaps of guys on foils.  Unfortunately even the guys on foils struggled, one ditched his kite for about 20 mins and had to swim in.
It's a dodgy proposition in Townsville.  One of the foilers had the back of his board bitten off by a tiger shark the week before - there is apparently a tiger shark breeding ground just off Magnetic island.  He now has a little electromagnetic device on the back of his board.
Given those kind of stories, and th…