2016 07 30 - Seaford - Taz goes into orbit

Its always a great sign when you are approaching the beach and you see kites of the guys you know flying back and forth.
Rendezvoused with Stu Styles in the carpark and headed down to see James and Tarren having a ball.  Tarren called out so we looked to the sky and the crazy fkr was flying as high as I've ever seen him, huge air that looked like he wasn't going to land before the beach.  Great signs for Stu and I as we pumped up our small kites.
Once we got out it wasn't quite as heavy as we thought, so it took a bit of working the kite to stay powered.  Tarren and James had a rest, then by the time they came out again it was cranking again.  Managed some decent big air, but nothing crazy crazy.  Copied a move of Tarren's of letting the kite fly way back in the window on jumps then looping it back through - works a treat and not really a massive yank at all.
All up it was about 1.5 hours of session - magic to turn a frustrating day of Chadstone shopping into bliss.


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