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29 Oct 2013 - Morning glory at St Kilda

Pete, Tarren, James and I met up at St Kilda for an early session.  The forecast seemed to indicate a little rain, but upon arrival conditions were absolutely sweet.  It was a fantastic opportunity to pull out the trick bag from last year, consolidate what I've learnt and try out some of the new ones I've been eyeing off from the progression video.  I had a go at backroll to toeside, toeside backroll to heelside and front roll transitions, all of which I managed to stack spectacularly multiple times.  I had a fantastic time going from the flat water in the marina, building up speed and lauching big jumps off the small waves looping around the corner of the rock wall.  A magnificent session was had by all, such an amazing way to start the day.

26 Oct 2013 - Aspendale early

Early session with Tarren and James down at Aspendale.  Wind was a very consistent 17-20 knots, great one to get back into it.  Landed 2 out of 2 darkslides, but most of my other rotations landed with a crash, tried a back 720 and forward 360's on both sides.  Certainly made the most of the conditions.

12 Oct 2013 - Right direction makes Brighton sweet

Very very nice north westerly blowing in to Brighton made for a very different experience than the last couple of episodes.  Water is getting warmer and it could well be the last run in a wetsuit for a little while.  It was a pleasure to work on all the stuff that I was landing nicely last year, backrolls were working well but forward rotations need a bit of work on landing.  Stoked to have a good session.

05 Oct 2013 - Brighton - wrong direction

A bit cross off today, but consistency was ok.  Had to scale back to the 7 after trying out the 10 and almost getting blown off the beach.  A couple of folks showed up at the end of the session and should win bravery/stupidity awards for going miles offshore in an offshore wind.  James and I tried to persuade a beginner not to go out with a big kite and legrope, spotted him later dragging across the reef.  Theres just no telling some people.