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2015 09 06 - Top off the double at Frankston

Went snowboarding on Saturday with the kids - which was amazing.  After a shady start to the snow - Sonny rode the first run straight into a fence - we ended up catching the last lift and having runs throwing snowballs at each other.

Alexander and Sonny both had ski school, from which they both gained a lot of confidence.  Afterwards, Sonny was keen to show us what he could do, and Alexander was keen to progress to the next stage.  Alexander tore down Wombat and hit an ice patch, which provided the first learning opportunity post ski school - ice is hard to slow down on.  He had a good stack, but his skiing improved no end.

Got back on Sunday to a fair bit of chatter on whatsapp, managed to get a leave pass and head down to Frankston to meet up with Stu, Pete and James.  The wind was a good 20 knots, but slightly cross off - so quite hard to get on a good wave.  I really appreciated how high the jumps are and how soft the landings are after the hard buller slopes.

2015 08 29 - Hampton + rain

Unfortunately somewhere between getting out of the car and setting up I did something bad to my calf muscle.  It hurt, so I thought I'd stretch it out a bit and it hurt even more.  Turns out I have a calf muscle that got stuck and didn't realise - mainly from years of not stretching.  Who knew !

Still jumped on the board and had a fun session.  Good solid wind so I did quite a few rotational jumps, forward 360, back 720, backroll transitions - all stuff that I know.  A few nice little waves so I did some downwind turns too.  A few squalls rolled through with 25 knots plus, so managed to get a little air also.  My right leg didn't hurt at all while kiting, but after I came in and tried to walk it was terrible. I spent most of Sat and Sunday limping around feeling sorry for myself.