2015 08 29 - Hampton + rain

Unfortunately somewhere between getting out of the car and setting up I did something bad to my calf muscle.  It hurt, so I thought I'd stretch it out a bit and it hurt even more.  Turns out I have a calf muscle that got stuck and didn't realise - mainly from years of not stretching.  Who knew !

Still jumped on the board and had a fun session.  Good solid wind so I did quite a few rotational jumps, forward 360, back 720, backroll transitions - all stuff that I know.  A few nice little waves so I did some downwind turns too.  A few squalls rolled through with 25 knots plus, so managed to get a little air also.  My right leg didn't hurt at all while kiting, but after I came in and tried to walk it was terrible. I spent most of Sat and Sunday limping around feeling sorry for myself.


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