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16 Jun 2012 - The frankston northerly rocks the house

Hit frankston fairly early (9:30) to ride the 20 knot northerly.  It was beautiful consistent wind, lovely water and a great beach - we'll be back for sure.  I went down with Pete and met up with Tarren and Franz down there.  Frankston has a big advantage over Brighton in a northerly - if things go bad you wash up on the beach.  And fortunately this time we were at Frankston - it proved fortunate later in the session.
Had a great time rolling out the old tricks - I was able to work on backrolls and forward 360's, raleys, board off's, reversals and backroll transitions - all going well but not landing all as well as summer.  After a couple of hours I tried a couple of 720's - one that ended badly with a kiteloop at the end and an impending slam until my middle line and safety snapped.  I ended up swimming in after tying up the kite - a bit of a drift.  Franz later remarked that he saw 3 sharks - certainly makes the swim seem more exciting.

Once Pete came in I borrowed…