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30 Sept 2012 - Early hampton sunshine

Got out the day after a massive front hit Melbourne.  Enough residual wind in the morning - from 17 to around 22 knots - to give the new kite another run.  Kids are away so I was able to stay out for quite some time - mucking about in the waves, transitions and generally having fun on the kite. The new kite handles so much better than my old one - its hard to imagine going back to it now.  Picked up my old bar that has been repaired, got a new handle for my board and some glue for the divots in my new bar.  Productive day !

24 Sept 2012 - Everybody wants to no not me

First day of holidays and got a kite in - yeehaa.
Second day out on the new kite - absolutely fantastic.  Really getting the hang of the response times and the power of the kite - so happy to have it.  It blew around 15 to 20 knots for the session and I was the only one out.  Magnificent fun, managed a few transitions with a kiteloop at the end to power out.  Can't wait for the next session.

23 Sept 2012 - New kite at Hampton

Great to get the new 10m switchblade out on a frontal day at Hampton.  The kite was magnificent, quite a bit of grunt when it mattered, turned slow when hands in the middle and fast on the outside - I'm impressed.  Got a massive amount of air when a gust blew through with sweet landings - stoked to be on the latest technology.  Can't wait for the next session.

08 Sept 2012 - Hampton to Cerberus and back

Gt the 7m out for a great session. Probably could have trialed the newly bought 10m, but the wind has been very heavy this week and the forecast was for some fronts to push through so the 7m it was.  Down wind to the Cerberus was fun, some big carving turns to the ship.  The ship is almost totally underwater now.  I went around the backside of the ship and the wind was dying out quite badly, tried tacking across and the big cliffs certainly played havoc with the wind.  I ended up - along with Pete - having to walk along one of the beaches a little to get a decent tack to get out again.
Cut it pretty fine back into the bay at Hampton - between the rock wall and the signal post ! - but happy to have had quite a long duration session.  The wind wasn't as good in the bay as out the back, so it probably wouldn't have been great for trick action anyway.
Great fun, very tired and good to have the flexibility of the put put.