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22 Sept 2011 - Mentone at sunset

Location : Mentone
Kite : 10m Switchblade
Conditions : 20 knot south easterly

Last minute run after an important birthday party for sonny and a fun afternoon with Alexander - an alexander party. Got there at 530 to see grant and stu styles on sailboards. Setup quickly and was glorious to be out in a consistent onshore breeze with little kicker waves. Wasted no time in getting back into bankrolls and rotations, managed a 720 and had some fun in the waves. Unluckily e loop slid out of my harness, kite crashed and inverted so I had to go in and untangle, when I got back out there was no one else there and it was slowly getting dark. Great to get out, here comes summer !

17 Sept 2011 - The warmth is here

Location : Brighton Kite : 7m Crossbow Conditions : 25-35 knots north westerly
25 C - fantastic.   Pete and I had a great run - wind was a bit gusty close in but pretty consistent further out.  We went upwind from the very congested area and were able to cruise, jump and muck around in freedom.  I don't understand why so many people choose to stay in such a congested area at Brighton - the beauty of the kite is to be able to go and explore the surrounds under your own power - having to avoid traffic jams at high speed is no fun ! No real progression today - I'm still waiting for some onshore winds.   The water has warmed up a lot though - the time to ditch the wetsuit is nigh.

10 Sept 2011 - Snowboarding at Hotham

Location : Hotham Board : White Conditions : 50 cm snow, softening
Fantastic to get on the board.  Snow was suprisingly good given the warm conditions over the last couple of months.  The kids loved learning to ski - I was even able to ski down 2 runs with Alexander - which made me very proud.
No real kickers for snowboarding, but it was good to do some fast runs.

04 Sept 2011 - Happy fathers day at Brighton

Location : Brighton Kite : 10m Switchblade Conditions : 20 knots north westerly

After yesterday's harrowing experience, it was great to get out at Brighton in normal conditions again.  Was out fairly early - got down there by 8:20 am.  So much nicer when the wind is a little bit stable - I was able to do the normal repertoire without going too crazy.  The water has warmed up though markedly, next week I should be good to pull out the trick bag again.

03 Sept 2011 - Brighton with bullets

Location : Brighton Kite : 10m Switchblade Conditions : 15-35 knots northerly

Terrible conditions down at Brighton - started out with 15 knots but gusting up to 35 knots.  It was like riding the old c kites - there were moments when I was so powered that I had no real control anymore - pretty harrowing.  Jeremy had come down to have another crack at kiting but I had to put him off - it was no time for getting back on the horse.  Saw 2 guys in trouble and one lost a kite.  Shocking conditions - but it did unnerve me a little as I couldn't even do the most basic trick.